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Pat Larocque
06-02-2019 at 10:26 AM
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Uno cart vs. Harmony cart for Atari 2600?

I was just wondering if anyone has or uses the Uno cart, and also how it compares to the Harmony cart for the Atari 2600, and ultimately if high scores played on the Uno would be accepted like on the Harmony cart?

I would personally prefer to use the original carts for the games but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to obtain some of the carts I loved as a child highly due to the scarcity and availability of anything Atari-related where I live. Also, the price of some of the games is a huge factor when looking for certain titles online, especially being a single father. I have been debating between purchasing one of these two carts for a while and finally ready to give it a shot.

Any thoughts and input on what would be the better investment?

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  1. The Evener's Avatar
    Sorry I don't have any experience comparing those products, but if you'd like you could post some of the games you're after here. Sometimes membvers have duplicates in their collection that they're looking to sell at a reasonable price.
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  2. nads's Avatar

    I would go with the Harmony Cart, I have 2 one for PAL and the other for NTSC.

    They both work great and are very easy to use.

    I also imagine it would have better support in terms of upgrading.

    It is an investment but it does pay itself off in the long run.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Ya, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing, the UNO seems to require some user assembly-I'm sure it's fine, and my guess is that it would be acceptable for scoring(I personally use pretty uncommon carts on Genesis/MD and SNES), but I agree with Pete, for sure, go with the Harmony.

    Lol, just give yourself a big block of time when it arrives, it'll be hard to step away!!!

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