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Pat Larocque
03-30-2021 at 06:41 AM
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Circus Convoy for the Atari 2600

Usually not the bragging type but I'm extremely proud of this one!! Turns out I'm only the 2nd person to get a Perfect score on the new Circus Convoy game (1st person who did it was actually a beta tester for the game)!

If you're an Atari 2600 fan, or even just a fan of the old Activision titles, you definitely need to get this game! Very fun and very addictive, looking forward to the new Casey's Gold cart coming this summer as well.....the future of the 2600 looks very bright indeed!!

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Super proud of you, Man, I know you grinded it out!!!

    I think it's a HUGE accomplishment, considering how many people are probably playing it pretty hardcore right now, seriously.

    I dunno. Kinda reminds me of Willie Wonka.

    You wanted it the most, Man. I just KNEW you'd be the one!!!

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Just staying on this, 'cause it deserves the attention, first commercial 2600 game in a looong time.

    I've only checked it out a few minutes myself-dunno why, but I almost dislike playing EMU, might be my PC(prolly), but it just doesn't seem to play as fair as the real hardware, so I'm kinda holding out on getting my real cart, I've watched you play more than I have played myself.

    The game seems a tad too complicated.

    Now-I'll take that, over say, Keystone Kapers, Crackpots, Oink, etc, where it simply gets too hard for me to play, but it just seems like it's gonna take serious time and commitment to remember what you have to do, even completed quickly, there is a LOT going on to remember.

    I imagine it's gonna be a blast, but I am really weird about "the right time"(sorry, Terr...),-I'll get new stuff, out of town or in the mail, and I just HAVE to clean my room up before I even unpack the stuff, haha, or it drives me crazy.

    Truly, huge grin on my face for ya, for perfection, Man, LOVE IT!!!


    How fast can you go.


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