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05-10-2018 at 08:44 AM
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Asteroids atari 2600 game 32, dif a 15-min removed

looks like Asteroids game 32, dif A 15-min track for Atari 2600 was removed? will it be back?
  1. stygian's Avatar
    Hi, Paul. I see that the 32A 15min track is still there on NTSC, EMU, and PAL. Maybe it was removed, but it has now been returned.
    Looks like someone will submit a run on this track one day? Hmmm?
  2. PAUL's Avatar
    hmmmm i thought it might be a glitch ;)
  3. PAUL's Avatar
    i see it doesn't have 15-minute in it's title, which is why it didn't come up on the search. so i searched for game 32, then clicked on the rules, and noticed the 15-minute rule is listed there instead of in the track title like in others. cool
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