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05-20-2018 at 11:56 AM
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Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked is over

Best Buy's Gamer Club Unlocked officially ended today. if you are a current member it ends when your membership expires. mine is still current, but could not renew yesterday. retail stores and corporate customer service told me it will be back with a different name and better discount before the holidays. for now going to miss 20% off on all video games that i had for years. my wii u and switch collection is huge. did anyone else have this? RIP GCU
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    Yeah, I had this too. Being a new copy purist for modern systems, I am sad to see this go... And Best Buy will be sad to see me go as I can't think of any reason of going back after my membership expires.
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    this is true. i was thinking about leaving. thinking about doing Amazon prime (which is $120 for 1 year and with 20% off only preorders and not all preorders), but customer service and supervisors kept telling me something better is planned for Christmas. i guess i will wait until then. if not, still not sure about Amazon prime. plus, i know you don't get new releases on release date, unlike Best Buy. this really sucks. oh yeah, my 3DS collection is also huge due to GCU.
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    i forgot to mention CDs will end in July and i hear vinyl records will end next year at Best Buy. with all of this i thought this might be the beginning of the end for Best Buy, but a new gamers club is a ray of hope. we will see
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    It could be entirely the end of Best Buy or just the end of the Best Buy we came to be familiar with. Removing CDs and vinyls was inevitable and probably the right move. I'm pretty sure other disc media such as DVDs sell better than CDs. But something like the audio and videogame sections do worry me. Especially when the videogame section has been condensed to make room for a holiday gift section. Then just stays that way the rest of the year. It's a step towards Fry's imo where they have kept selling items that don't really go with a electronic store. Last thing I've also heard is that running a mostly big box appliance was something that Best Buy sounds interested in doing.
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    yup they are saying the CD business is not making a lot of money for them recently. i do see more people roaming the DVD aisles rather than the CD aisle. not sure if they are going to have a CD sale, but i have seen glitches on their website showing all CDs with a slight discount. yeah their toy section is a joke. i think they were hoping they would get some of the Toys R Us business, but i guess they didn't hear Walmart is #1 for toys and they took Toys R Us out.
    lol that is pretty funny about them wanting to be a big box appliance store. they do have lots of refrigerators and washers in the stores taking up lots of room lol
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