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Pixe Sukola
01-04-2018 at 01:04 PM
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Wall Entry at 01-04-2018 09:56 PM

I´ve been playing Excitebike World Rally like crazy for the last month and I have WR for every of the 16 tracks, but I haven´t been verified yet, it is frustrating.

I sent an email weeks ago to get it done but havent gotten a response yet. And today I checked the page for the game and it says that is not in the server anymore.

Is it my bad luck or do some pages go unavailable somtimes?
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  1. GibGirl's Avatar
    The site just did a change to the way URLs are generated, and there are still some bugs in the system because of that. The game you're referring to here may be impacted by one of those bugs. There's no reason a game should become unavailable like that.

    And I'm sure someone with @Twin_Galaxies can help get your verification worked out.
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  2. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    Welcome to Twin Galaxy Pixe
    Go up to top Select Info
    Next Select Help & Tutorials

    Here you will Find All the Information you need to Know Also, You Can PM Private Message TG Owner Jace Hall TG Commissioner David Hawksett, TG Sincerely Franny they Can Help You on Any and All Things Pertaining to Twin Galaxy & Video Games

    What is Twin Galaxies?How to sign up, get registered and become verified?
    How to submit a score to Twin Galaxies
    What should I put in my submission evidence package?
    Guidelines for recording a video game score performance
    What video file formats does Twin Galaxies accept for upload?
    General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines for all Submissions
    What is "Leeching?"ť - Policy Information and Guide
    Video Game Marathoning A Policy Information and Guide
    Official MAME Platform Submission Rules and Guidelines
    How does Twin Galaxies adjudicate scores?
    How can I participate in the adjudication process?
    Adjudication Basic Guide: What to look for?
    How can I add a new game or game variation to the database?
    What are Credibility Points (CR), Submission Points (SP), and the Expert Skill Index (ESI)?
    Activities that can get you banned for life!
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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    Franny saw my post and responded right away. I am verified now. Great!!!
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  4. Fly's Avatar
    Excitebike for NES and Arcade are 2 of my favorites. Always good to see another Excitebike player around here.

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  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fly
    Excitebike for NES and Arcade are 2 of my favorites. Always good to see another Excitebike player around here.

    Thanks, I played the NES one as a child for a little bit and now I went crazy with de Wii version, maybe I'll play the NES version again.

    I'm super happy that the Excite page is back on, I'll start submmiting my times right away. I hope people find them intersting and review them fast :)
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