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09-04-2018 at 02:18 PM
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This has to do with music, no video games.

I live in a small city, 40 minutes away from Mexico city, which is a huge, huge metropoli. So I'm very close to a city where all the best international artists and bands come to give shows. The problem is, Mexico city's population is so big that it's practically imposible to get tickets for any good event.

The way it usually goes is: 50% of all tickets are pre sold only to people that uses CitiBank credit cards, as a reward, and the other 50% is sold a few weeks later on a preannouced date, that day all the scalpers are more than ready and by the time any reasonable normal person wants to get a hold of any tickets, they are always gone.

This year PIXIES came to Mexico and I was really excited, but as usual, tickets were gone by then and only scalpers are selling them at about 300 dls, when their cost is 140 dls, already expensive. So once again I was frustrated and dissapointed almost instantly.

Today the mexican government announced a week of concerts to promote culture and Pixies is headlining. I'm super pumped, these concerts are free and they are done in the Zocalo, Mexico's biggest main square. In an event like this, aprox 150,000 people are expected, so it's really really rough, specially at a punk concert, you get stepped on at least a thousand times, you may pass out due to exhaustion or heat, etc.

I have attended these before, the last one was 12 years ago and it was so rough i thought it would be the last one, but PIXIES is one of the very few bands that I love and are still active, so, I'll be there. :)

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    Just to give you an idea of how may people can be stuffed in that square. By the way, you can still see some space between people in this photo, that is a luxury NOBODY can afford in a concert. In a concert you are so smushed together, you cannot even fall, I'm not kidding, oh you will be pushed all the time in every direction like you wouldn't believe, but you will not fall, there is simply no space for you to fall onto.

    If your shoe unties, it is impossible to bend over or bring your leg up and tie it back. People that faints is put on top of everybodie's head and passed hand by hand until the end of the giant crowd, it is the only way. I'm taller than the average mexican (6 ft.), I usually have a pretty good view at concerts and I can see the top of people's head when I'm at a concert, it si still very scary to be in those situations, I can only imagine what a smaller person feels in the middle of a crowd like this.

    The last time in the Manu Chao concert, it got to a point at the end of the 8 hours standing there journey, where I was cheering for the relaxed songs and afraid of the crazy energetic ones, because the mass starts moving accordingly and I had been stepped on so many many times.

    I think I will listen from a reasonable distance this time and not try to get to the middle of it.

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    I saw the Pixies a couple of months ago, in Charlotte, NC USA. They played and sounded great. The band never quite caught on popularity wise in the US but were big in Europe and elsewhere. It was a great show and highly recommended if your a fan of their music!!!!

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