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Pixe Sukola
09-14-2018 at 11:33 AM
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Who else enjoys homogeneity?

Yesterday I submitted a score for Pac Man on the Wii Virtual Console and I was surprised to see that such an iconic game didn't have the artwork. I looked in google for it but all I could find was a small, very low quality one. My brain didn't let me upload such bad image but it also didn't leave alone and I just kept thinking about it. Today I installed Corel Draw, made the image in vectors, and uploaded it. Now I have a little bit of peace.

But now I hate all the other artwork that is bad in that platform. Many of them just have a generic one like Star Parodier, and others are just the original artbox from the console in which the games where originally released, and not the Wii VC art with the banner, etc.

The Nintendo Wii VC is by far my favorite platform and it pains me to see such a mess there. So now that I have the vectorized image I can malke any artwork for this platform with a much better quality and if this was done for every game, it would look just glorious, just like Intellivision does.

I can make all the artwork that is missing or that has bad quality, send it to somebody and they can upload it, or I could do it myself if TG would grant me these editing privileges. Right now I can only upload images to games that don't have one.

@Dave Hawksett

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    In the meantime I leave here 3 of the most important ones. The current DK black one just kills me.

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    Thank you, Daniel, for your offer. Initial passes at artwork by Research replaced missing artwork with generic for cases in which better, more specific, artwork was unavailable. There were an astronomical number of games with missing artwork so this had to be the approach. There is still missing artwork and some issues preventing some from being visible. Refinement is ongoing for artwork so we will discuss this in the next TG Research meeting next week. We could easily delete generic images at your request, for example.

    In the meantime your efforts on creating your own art for the VC are appreciated!

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    This is great stuff :)

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    Some artwork for Pac-Man here:


    Some artwork for Ms. Pac-Man here:


    Can you use these files? Load them into your graphics software?

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