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Pixe Sukola
09-19-2018 at 12:20 PM
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Almighty Deadlock has been banned.

Simon Leitch a.k.a. Almighty Dreadlock has been banned from the site. I know some users really disliked him and with good reason. Some of the comments on his disputes got very personal against other users, etc.

He never insulted me or anything like that, on the contrary, he was encouraging and very reasonable in every interaction we had. He was one of the top 3 adjudicators and a master at Pac Man so I'm sad to see him go. I know he has been temporarely banned before so maybe this is one of those times.

Anyway, for those who hated him, rejoy, for those who liked him, be sad.

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  1. Desidious's Avatar

    This is nothing to rejoice about. He would have been a great asset if he didn't spend all his time throwing insults into most of his posts. It's true I fought him almost every step of the way because I couldn't sit by and let him get away with tearing apart anyone he seemed inferior both old and new members.

    I would like to publicly state that if he would have just kept his insults to himself he would have been welcomed, especially by me. Too bad he wasted all his chances.

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  2. 90skidJohnny's Avatar

    Was he banned from submitting too? I think there should be 2 types of bans. 1) Communications 2) Score submissions.

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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by 90skidJohnny

    Was he banned from submitting too? I think there should be 2 types of bans. 1) Communications 2) Score submissions.

    Interesting, but I don't think it would work. If you submit a score and somebody adjudicating asks a question, you would have to be able to comment.

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  4. 90skidJohnny's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Pixe Sukola

    Interesting, but I don't think it would work. If you submit a score and somebody adjudicating asks a question, you would have to be able to comment.

    Doh! Didn't think of that.

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    i'm gonna be very clear i'm not rejoicing. I actually did notice he was helpful with some users. Not gonna go into the issues i had with him as nows not that time for that. suffice to say despite any issues i had with him i hope its not assumed such a thing ever delights me.

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    @90skidJohnny @Pixe Sukola such a partial ban is possible but no longer used. It used to be called "forum restriction". Dread, rudy, creech, triforce, jtt, and possibly some i'm forgetting have all received a forum restriction in the past.

    after rudy's ban -- which was about behavior not cheating, though it seems twin galaxie no longer offers that option.

    what used to happen is the user could still have the original submission message, but no they could not asnwer any comments. sometimes a work around was to have a friend answer for them. they could also vote/adjudciate but of course not comment. "forum restricted" users i think were even allowed to create tracks, but of course werent able to discuss changes to the wording.

    it was messy compromise for sure. i guess overall TG decided it was too messy to be worth it

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  7. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    Almighty Dread was not indefinitely banned. He received a 7 day ban.
    After being silenced and then unsilenced, he continued to be inappropriate and insulting to users. He receiving many reports.
    We do not disagree that he was very knowledgeable and had a helpful nature towards some members. He just needed a small break.
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  8. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Thanks a lot TG for participating and informing on this issue.

  9. Ragequit's Avatar

    I like dreadlock, but i guess he can be a bit too rude sometimes...he's one of the best adjudicators on this forum nevertheless!

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  10. kernzyp's Avatar

    Glad it's only a 7 day ban.
    He can be overheated sometimes, but his intentions are normally in the spirit of the scoreboard.
    He has slated me on occasion, but that was only because of my mistakes.
    I'm still waiting for him to "take down" my Kung-Fu Master records :)

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  11. HugDD's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    @90skidJohnny @Pixe Sukola
    it was messy compromise for sure. i guess overall TG decided it was too messy to be worth it

    Bill, please! It was so messy, that you yourself opted to Tribunalize other members three or more times. Face it, you were a huge fan of it, and you even successfully got one former active member Forum Restricted for three consecutive months, when many in the community, including myself, were opposed to it Đức

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  12. Snowflake's Avatar

    wel thats a bit off topic, but sure i'll go into it. yes i used it -- because admin absolutely refused to do antyhing when reported. the response was just use the tribunal. I made the best of a bad system. While using it, i also regurlarly asked for the tribunal system to be removed and handled with moderation. as much as i like commnity driven adjudication, behavior moderation should be handled by admins

    Now though you're speaking of the tribunal, i was speaking of the result "forum restriction". both were messy. the tribunal had to go. its was better than nothing, but admin moderation is whats needed. as for the forum restriction itself, messy as it is, i dont have strong feelings it needed to go. bans are pretty harsh. i can see it either way on that one

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  13. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    Its sad grown adults need to be put in time out to think about how they treat other people. I've personally only had good interactions with other members, but I have definitely seen some "poor judgement calls" directed at other people. Certainly hope all this user banning ends up with us being NICER to each other.

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  14. Barthax's Avatar

    AD has some great insights & I'm glad his input isn't permanently stifled. I doubt his attitude will change. :P

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  15. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Personally, I am not surprised that Almighty Dreadlock has been banned, even if it's just for one week. When he raised the disputes about Double Dragon, among others, he was acting very immature the whole time. He seemed to have an attitude where anyone who disagreed with him was being disrespectful (for want of a better term.)

    Personally, I find it very sad to see such actions happening on the board. What happened was very immature and almost childish at times. I'm hoping having a week to cool off will take care of things.

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  16. francoisadt's Avatar


    I have to mention that Simon Leitch do have a teachable "spirit" and willing to learn from others too.

    When he ask me questions on pacman & mspacman he was (still is) more than willing to listen and learn

    which is a good trait to have.

    Hopefully he (and others on the TG forums too) , will learn do not react immaturely on posts by others

    towards you. Posts could come across personally. Each coin have two sides, if someone re-post and re-act then that person is also makeing a "on the spur of the moment" posts. Instead of getting caught in the re-act loop let it pass

    for a few days....., then rethink what you really have to post if any and not what you "want" to post.

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