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Pixe Sukola
10-08-2018 at 11:05 AM
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Destruction of property

In my almost 30 years of gaming, I definitely have come across some games that made me really frustrated and angry, and in some cases, controllers have gotten the worst out of the situation.

These are the ones I've destroyed so far. They all had some kind of little malfunction and the anger with the game was the perfect excuse to finally step on them, throw them again and again against a wall, etc. In all cases, it felt great.

1 PS3 controller while playing Tekken 6 online

1 PS3 controller while playing Rayman Origins

2 Gamecube controllers, both while playing Super Mario Kart

1 Mouse while playing League of Legends

What have you destroyed? How did you feel after?

  1. Ninglendo's Avatar

    2 NES controllers for me. One for Ninja Gaiden and one for Road Blasters. Felt good while doing it then afterwards when I realized they were my last controllers it felt bad lol

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    This doesn't exactly count, but I had/have a C64 plug and play, was drunk(er than usual), showing off to my Son-I would turn the controller upside down, put the 'stick on the floor and move the base for "go fast".

    I was playing, saw him kinda look at me messed up, and less than a minute later I broke the damned stick, lol, he knew I was pushing just a little too hard!

    I had/have an NES Advantage that only lasted about a day-partially my hammer-hands, partially old plastic-if anyone is aware of an aftermarket replacement stick for an Advantage, let me know.

    Ohh, oh!

    Atari 2600 flashback joystick-

    I probably hit 5.61 200 times on Dragster EMU with one, felt like it was the "magic stick"(I'm talking the one that comes with the cheapest 2600 flashback, no wifi stuff).

    Was preclutching one day, and it just snapped at the base, was really weird.

    Ok(hey, I'm sorry, lol, you asked...).

    Also, Ms. Pac-Man on Atari 5200 is sooo friggin fast, I popped a stick out of socket on the later levels-it's useable, but has never been the same. I'm unwilling to play the game now because of that, tho I know I could improve my score.

    On the upside-because I deemed it relatively "broken"(it would work for a while, pop out of socket and not work until I realigned it), I was willing to beat it to death to get times on Track and Field!


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  3. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    BITD, I probably snapped 4-5 Atari 2600 joysticks playing Decathlon. As for the Atari 5200 joysticks, they broke by themselves (expiration date) without much effort on my part.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i never rage broke anything, but playing superman on atari, a minute a game, sometimse less if i reset in first 5 seconds, probably resetted over 500x that day i broke my reset switch.

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  5. EVN's Avatar

    Wasn't me but I was playing SFIII:3rd strike with a bunch of friends and one of the guys got so mad that he bashed the cabinet, shaking the PCB inside enough for the cart to somehow shake loose and suicide.

    Still to this day there's no way to fix that cart back to factory spec without modding. Easily the most expensive ragequit I've ever seen.

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  6. swaggers's Avatar

    Many many many many xbox 360 controllers. One time playing FIFA06 I chucked a controller down the hall and it ricocheted up and broke a window.

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  7. starcrytas's Avatar

    Gamecube controller has been thrown on the ground a few times.

    Still works.

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  8. Ninglendo's Avatar

    @Rogerpoco I've had the same problem with the Advantage controller. I've went through a lot over the years because of the joystick. I know they make replacement pads and things of that nature for it though. I have never tried to fix one myself but I should probably try because I got some laying around and it's my favorite controller.

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  9. lexmark's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by EVN

    shaking the PCB inside enough for the cart to somehow shake loose and suicide.

    Hey Evan, you need to send that PCB to Rudy. He'll fix it! :)



  10. Desidious's Avatar

    My list can probably equal to everyone commenting in here total and then some. I've even ruined a psp, and smashed a Gamecube so hard it doesn't close anymore and this has been just since I've joined the site.

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  11. EVN's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by lexmark

    Hey Evan, you need to send that PCB to Rudy. He'll fix it! :)



    Hah, not bloody likely!

    But if I ever submit on my CPS3 board with the desuicide workaround, I have a pretty easy argument as to why it must be allowed.

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  12. lexmark's Avatar

    Here's a thread that I started 10 years ago with the same theme. Some good stories here...........




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  13. nads's Avatar

    Somehow a snapped the shaft of a Tac 2 Joystick playing Frostbite.

    I try not to get to that anger point when playing, when I feel I'm not in a good space, I stop.

    But the temptation of smashing a controller is there...

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  14. Barthax's Avatar

    Plenty of broken things but not so many through rage mainly through (over-)use. For the rage side, keyboard space bars are the prime target with a heavy thumb, escalating to the entire keyboard with a slap or fist. Controllers tend to get thrown only if they break first - they're too badly made for my ham-fists as it is. A PS3 controller was the last one to get that treatment while playing Gran Turismo 5: it stopped turning left so instead it met the floor shortly after.

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