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Pixe Sukola
11-15-2018 at 12:40 PM
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Achieving Mid term goals.

My mid term goals were to be in the Top 100 in:


-Number of "WR"


The Cred and number of wr were relatively easy, but the ESI one is definitely a challenge. Recently I submitted enough records to get the 1,000 ES points required to be in the top 100 now they just need to be accepted. And here is where I continue to thank and appreciate your help. I'm having a lot of fun trying to get this goals and knowing a lot of nice people.

In order of most ESI first.

20 - Mario Kart Wii

12 - Mario Kart Wii

07 - TrackMania A01

05 - Super Mario Bros.

04 - TrackMania White

04 - Joust

03 - Trackmania White A14

I'll go 2x1 in adjudication, thanks a lot.

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    overall ESI is tough depending on what stuff you play. you've got quite the challenge ahead of you

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