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Pixe Sukola
02-11-2019 at 03:19 PM
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In My Perfect World

Hey guys, I have been active and submitting for more than a year and Im really having fun, this is a great experience, and it's true that many of us would like to change many things that are not perfect in the site but, all in all it is worth the time spent here.

One thing that "micro" bothers me is to see the name of great players occupying the top spots with great performances with lower case initials for their names. I know this probably shouldn't bother anyone but in my perfect world the names of these 3 players that I much respect, would look so much better.

william rosa - William Rosa (Just look at that efing capital R, gorgeous)

john m brissie - John M. Brissie

Roger Edwin Blair 111 - Roger Edwin Blair III

If you find it within your heart to change it, awesome, if not, no problem at all, I just needed to say it. I feel ten pounds lighter :)

Thats all, thanks.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    i have the same issue in magic tournaments making me think i originally signed up wrong

    you all see how i am, i care deeply about details but not spelling. the analogy is make is if you say "thats 1.000004 and its actually 1.000005 i'll freak out" but if you say "for" instead of "four" what do i care you still got the details all correct just not the spelling

    so knowing me, i may have just signed up wrong and then not noticd until much later.

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