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Pixe Sukola
02-25-2019 at 04:11 PM
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Oficially 1st place in Metropolis Street Racer

Today I reached the top spot in MSR for the Sega Dreamcast, after more than 200 submissions. Thanks a lot for the people who adjudicated those scores and sorry John Brissie, you must probably hate me and I understand it, some guy coming out of nowhere and taking hundreds of my WR would p me off too and I'm sure it'll happen eventually when you claim them back or when Rodrigo decides to barely touch this game, in the meantime I will enjoy my reign.

And thanks a lot to @admin staff for taking action in improving the state of the queue and finaly ending all those disputes. So now my only request is, can you fix the avatar issue? it won't show on the game leaderboard.

Thanks a lot everyone.

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    Congrats. :D

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    <p>Congratulations!!!</p><p>I have the game, but still have to unlock all the tracks and cars, these Kudos points are boring....</p>
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