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Pixe Sukola
04-04-2019 at 12:17 AM
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New F&F Drift Track up in the marketplace

I just created the first track for the Fast and Furios Drift game and since this has been one of the hot topics recently I don't want to be the sole founder of the tracks. I already donated a few points and I think it would be great if others that have been part of this could donate as well. The less points you donate, the most people can contribute and appear as founder. It would look great if the list had a lot of people as founders.

Here is the link https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/201804-Arcade-The-Fast-and-The-Furious-Drift-(Tokyo-Drift)-Central-Park-Fastest-Race

Then again, I tend to not be very patient, which is what got me into looking for the game in the first place, so if in a few hours people do not donate I will fully found it and later when I create the rest of the track i ll post them here so people can join.


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    by the time I got here when I woke up this morning it was fully funded...I can def. contribute some points in the future. I think ideally we'd get some Fast and Furious tracks up along with the drift and super cars tracks. From what I can find online, it seems like it will be difficult to show that the tracks between the different versions are exactly the same, but it's clear they all use identical skill sets, so having all three would allow for the largest amount of participation and would also allow us to get a better idea of who is the best fast and furious game driver

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    last track variation for this game, now created and up for funding. Note that this one specifies in the rules any transmission, because there is not real difference for AirTime when using either transmission. For drift and fastest time I believe there could be significant diferences between AT and MT.


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