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Pixe Sukola
04-11-2019 at 09:34 AM
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David Lowe and Daniel Ocampo are the only F&F Champions

This post is to politely ask JJT, Juan Jose Torres to stop calling himself the champion of any Fast & Furious game. The only proven champions of this site are David Lowe for the original Fast and Furious game and myself for the Tokyo Drift version.

In my opinion it is very rude and disrespectful to take credit for something you have never done, specially on a site dedicated to prove one's acomplishments.


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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    thats fair and i've updated my signature to no longer just say "fast and furious" but rather specify super cars

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  2. RTM's Avatar

    Great post...it had to be said.

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  3. The Evener's Avatar

    Anyone here or outside of TG will look to the scoreboard to see who's champion, not JJT's own posts. Considering that TG was formerly home to the Video Game Player of the Century and the King of Video Games, among others, JJT's bragging about a single title is actually an improvement.

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