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Pixe Sukola
04-11-2019 at 12:14 PM
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F&F Super Bikes 2 Arcade coming soon to TG!

Have you not had enough of the Fast and Furious mania? Well, then this is for you.

Yesterday I went to put some credit on my Recorcholis! Arcades card because on wednesdays you get double credit for any ammount you buy, which is only fair because those bastards do not come cheap. So, on the 15th Im going back to Mexico City to pick up my renewed passport and to play some more F&F Drift and maybe supercars if I find it, and that double credit will come in handy.

Anyway, they have a F&F Super Bikes 2 and I played it for almost 2 hours and it is really fun. It costs 20 pesos per play (10 times the price compared to other arcade places) but it has the free play for 1st play option activated, so after a couple of tries I was getting free plays 3 out of every 5 races, I stopped because it was 10 pm and they had to close.

I managed to break a few records and unlike some people, I took a picture of it.

I plan to create the tracks for it and submit various records. So start looking for this arcade if you want to join the competition.

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