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Pixe Sukola
04-16-2019 at 10:13 AM
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The search is over.

I finally found the F&F Super Cars arcade and submitted the first score for it.


I dont have acces to the inside of the machine just like 99.9% of players out there so I wont even bother in looking for a place that would allow me to open the machine. Now, I have about 20 scores that I would like to submit but honestly I don't want to be a rebel and submit all of them to the tracks JJT created because he asks for the settings to be shown, something even him hasn't been able to do. So I submtted one just for fun and now I ask this.

Can I create my own tracks with my own set of rules for a game that already exhists if said game has 0 records yet and I have mine ready?

  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Just viewed your run and voted to accept.

    Regarding the setting up of new tracks or submitting to JJT's, my vote would be that you submit to JJT's (if the community deems that your current submission is acceptable).

    Here's why (and I'll explain my reasoning on the score submission when/if it becomes necessary).

    JJT's rules read:

    1. Record game settings from the game screen menu:

    Difficulty 4 or 5
    Start time: 80 seconds
    Checkpoint bonus: 30 seconds

    Here is the problem - There is no "game screen menu." According to the game manual from Raw Thrills the menu that would show this information is actually called the Game Adjustments Menu (https://rawthrills.com/wp-content/uploads/manuals/supercars_manual.pdf - Page 26 for anyone interested)

    Now, normally I'd think, "well, I know what the track creator was getting at," but in this case, I actually have no idea of what the track creator was getting at. Given the countless iterations and drafts of JJT's rules I could see this rule meaning settings had to be recorded from the adjustments menu screen, or I could see see him having said these things just needed to be shown from the gameplay (since that was one of his rules at one point), or it could mean neither of those things. Unfortunately, even if JJT shows up and says "this is what I meant" there are huge posts that he has made that contradict this.

    So to me, this is a rule that has to be interpreted as follows-

    start time and checkpoint bonus can be seen from the game play. Difficulty can be seen in that the game play does not exhibit any of the characteristics JJT outlined would be present at higher difficulties.

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    IMO, if the community chooses to not accept your time as it is submitted, I think this makes a strong case that people require the "game screen menu" be shown. Since it cannot actually be shown since it doesn't exist, it will make JJT's tracks impossible to approve and would therefore require a new set of tracks to be created so people could submit.

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    I was there and I know that the search was hard, so obviously I voted to accept.

    Keep going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by German H. Gonzalez

    I was there and I know that the search was hard, so obviously I voted to accept.

    Keep going.

    I forgot to mention that. Thanks to my friend German for helping me find it, either by driving me to all those places in a crazy city or letting me stay at his apartment and recording the runs. Thanks a lot!

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