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Pixe Sukola
10-14-2019 at 04:36 AM
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WR's missing again

So yesterday I had 600 TG WRs, today I'm down to 588 and there hasn't been any new submissions taking away my 1st places. So what's going on? Stop messing around with things please.

@admin staff

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  1. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    I noticed this too. I have a hunch that they are syncing up the TG world record account on the leaderboard with that displayed under the user profile. For a long time, the leaderboard count included 1st place achievements that were being adjudicated. As an example, if you had 20 first place scores under adjudication, the leaderboard count would show all adjudicated 1st place scores + those 20 under adjudication.

    I have no idea if they plan to keep it this way or if this is a stepping stone for something else planned... who knows!? An official comment from TG administrator team is much appreciated.

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    Thanks Shaun, that actually makes sense. I have 12 pending WRs which is exactly how many are missing from my profile. Im ok with this, waiting until the score is accepted to count it. It just bothers me that nothing is explained before hand and one day you just wake up and things have changed and we have to especulate.

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    I was kind of hoping they might be "replaying" the history in order to generate graphs of how the leaderboard changed over time. :)

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