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06-30-2020 at 06:06 PM
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Want to be a Fast & Furious track founder?

Hi everybody, I have a few minutes to spare so I thought I would create a new track for the game F&F Super Cars and I thought it would be very nice if a large number of members can work on this together and fund the track.

If you want to donate submission points and become a track founder, you are more than welcome, 25 poinst are needed to activate a track proposal, I ask you to donate only 1 point per person, that way more people can participate.

I will be posting the track proposal here in 30 minutes, trying to give more people time to see this post.

By the way, I'm not just going to create the track for the sake of it, I already have my score recorded and ready to be submitted.


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  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SincerelyFranny

    I would like to remind everyone that he was banned for a month because of that and has since stopped.

    Has stopped what exactly? He hasn't stopped spamming submissions with screen shots. He hasn't stopped throwing tantrums. He hasn't stopped creating posts about track creation that was wrapped up to his liking (and submissions) over a year ago. He hasn't stopped inputting his opinion in track threads that he knows nothing about. He hasn't stopped badgering people that have offered him constructive criticism. Perhaps he has stopped spamming people's inboxes, but idk for certain.

    If a kid in a school punches another kid and is suspended, but then returns after suspension and is making the school a toxic environment through other means, you don't say "well, he hasn't hit anyone since then." Probably half of Juan's public posts over the last week qualify as toxic under previous "TG toxicity purges," yet not only do they remain, but he is allowed to continue posting.

    I mean for f's sake, this is the 4th wall post down without even clicking on it:

    "Pixie Sukola,Datagod, Starcrytas,snowflake,Marcade,ninglendo,, Sdwyer138,Blackflag82,have gone to far, They bullied,ganged,hounded, harrassed, pesteter,insulted,badgered, me to no end.I tried 51 times to ADD tracks to the original FAST AND FURIOUS SUPER CARS.And another 4 times trying to create another seperate track for race times only for the arcade racing game Fast and Furious Super Cars.Mrs Franny DELETED all 4 of themDaniel Ocampo has taken Fast and Furious Super Cars away from me, and is allowing the use of the the PC home version of the arcade game Fast and Furious Super Cars with a cheat menu.I played the PC home version I JJT have gotten race times... "

    We all know that this "Pixie Sukola,Datagod, Starcrytas,snowflake,Marcade,ninglendo,, Sdwyer138,Blackflag82,have gone to far, They bullied,ganged,hounded, harrassed, pesteter,insulted,badgered" is a tantrum, but this is what anyone who is new is going to see...this is literally their door greeter. How can that build community?

    And yes, we've teased him from time to time...just like he has to us...but that is currently the face of TG, which is drastically different than some back and forth buried in a thread

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    yup lots of site traffic due to the billy dispute, and now people coming to see are figuring out all anyone has to do is throw a tantrum and the legit players will get punished for it. bravo.

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  3. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Can we trade JJT for Rudy?

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  4. GibGirl's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138

    Can we trade JJT for Rudy?


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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    doubt it. we gave up zallard for jjt. thats the sort of trade TG wants.

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  6. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Rudy was gotten rid of, in part, to keep valued members of the community...personally, I'm fine with keeping JJT, and I honestly believe in this case simply permanently revoking certain privileges would take care of the issue and help keep valued (or potentially valued) community members...For example, permanent ban on track creation and wall posts while making it clear that if he continues to spam members it can result in more bans...that would at least move him away from being the "greeter"

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  7. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    When I was a kid I hated one of my cousins, he would throw tantrums for anything, we would be playing soccer outside on the street and he would start crying and yelling for his mom to fix the problem he had with other kids, 95% of the time his mom would come talk to us asking us what the problem was, why was her son crying? etc, and after that she would try to make him happy by buying him a new toy of giving him something that he wanted.

    The other 5% of the times his mom would have enough of him, ground him and tell him to go inside the house. And then she would ask us to go play soccer on the other street because the spoiled, crying piece of garbage was upset the he could see and hear other kids having fun outside his house when he was grounded for being an idiot.

    Now we can't create tracks because the spoiled, problem child is grounded and upset at others having fun.

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  8. SincerelyFranny's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Pixe Sukola

    I don't think it has gone far at all Franny, for 2 days I tried to convince Juan to stop creating and I would make a video specially to help him, I've offered to buy him a Windows license so he can play MAME, I offered to buy a console and games for him and send it right to his house so that he could submit scores and he has done nothing but being annoying, oblivious, stubborn and disrespectful even to you.

    All I did was create a track and submit my score. I have never created tracks that I don't plan on submitting scores to. Does this make Juan upset? Good I'm glad, so what? Why should anybody stop creating tracks just because somebody else wanted to create them first? Specially when he has demostrated to be incapable of doing that simple task correctly.

    Should we refrain from beating his scores too because this is, in his idiotic mind, "his game"? If a new player comes in and creates the tracks without knowing the special treatment that JJT has, are we gonna tell him to stop making the site grow because the old baby is going to cry?

    I won't create more tracks for now out of respect for Franny, but the way I see it, Juan is damaging the site more that he could posibly help and showing any compasion for him is useless at this point, he will drive us all crazy and out of here before he becomes a decent member.

    Trust me I get the frustration. It's exhausting to read the same thing over and over.
    You also deserve the title of saintly. You have tried to do much more for him than anyone feels he deserves.

    I'm not faulting you for what you did. To everyone's point was a 'good thing'. All I did was note that the motives behind its creation were not pure. It was partly wanting to help, partly fed-up, and part antagonization. (Percentages for each part may vary) I'm not going to delete your track. I told Juan not to make another "Chinatown" track. It will exist among the others as it is.

    As for Juan, he spends so much time here and genuinely shows interest in what is going on. He does drive me INSANE, but it's part of my job to help him. He knows that making all of this public was wrong and all of the drama could have been avoiding. He and I have discussed it privately and he knows how he should approach it next time.

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  9. Marcade's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    doubt it. we gave up zallard for jjt. thats the sort of trade TG wants.

    I would trade 30 GFG's for one SnowFake "done".

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  10. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcade

    I would trade 30 GFG's for one SnowFake "done".

    i love you too buddy. I would trade my integrity for a few more of your corrupt likes

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  11. Ninglendo's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackflag82

    this is what anyone who is new is going to see...this is literally their door greeter. How can that build community?

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  12. Snowflake's Avatar

    so, question for your Mrs. Franny how long until I snow billy can make derivates for my fast and furious track. I earnd them it is my right!!!! This is a sin against god and country. do you believe in god? do you even play video games.

    you are discriminating against me because I am a long haired man. This is not right. enough of this foolishness!

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  13. Marcade's Avatar

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  14. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by SincerelyFranny

    As for Juan, he spends so much time here and genuinely shows interest in what is going on.

    I get what you're saying here, but in circles I roll in, showing genuine interest would involve recognizing when you're doing something to harm that community and making a legit effort to stop that behavior.

    I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've privately explained to him that his behavior is unacceptable, and he has acknowledge that he understands...

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  15. Blackflag82's Avatar

    One more post and then I'm done.

    Franny, I sincerely appreciate all that you've done for TG, all you continue to do, and how you've weathered this situation. Any frustration I've shown in my comments is not directed at you, but rather at TG in general. I think you are great, and I'm glad we have you advocating for our community!

    Piggybacking on my previous point about Juan's posts on the front page:

    Until a few moments ago, of the first ten posts you see on the Wall, 6 of the 10 posts are about Fast and Furious (3 of the posts are from Juan).

    If you removed all of those (and later JJT/FF related posts - 3 more had to be removed from this count), then the top 10 posts would consist of a post

    -about a national holiday,

    -an ongoing Arcade/Mame tournament,

    -a gaming marathon attempt,

    -Retro with Marco,

    -A question about submission process

    -A member buying a house,

    -a post about a member's game collection

    -a post about tips for streaming

    -another question about submissions

    -and a post about Billy

    I don't know about any of you, but the 10 with JJT removed portray a community that is playing games, talking about games and gaming, helping each other with the submission process, and talking about broader gaming news. Which would you be more likely to stick around for?

    If this were a one time thing for Juan, then fine, but this is how it goes every 2-3 months, and it really sucks and imo is really hindering our community growth

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  16. Snowflake's Avatar

    great scott!!!!!!!! a new record on speed of adjudciation

    daniels sub got accepted faster and furier than it took him to film it

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  17. Marcade's Avatar

    So what is the deal with this? Can F & F players create tracks and derivatives now?

    OR is this still "JJT Galaxy"

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