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Pixe Sukola
07-05-2020 at 03:11 PM
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Rodrigo Lopes, One of the Greatest.

Most of us here know Rodrigo and are aware of his story. To those who don't know him here is a very short recount.

He is a player from Brazil who joined Twin Galaxies 20 years ago, he had recently reached #1 place in the ESI leaderboard and he was also #1 in the number of World Records leaderboard. He had hundreds of scores approved in the referee era and thousands approved by the community in the TGSAP era.

A dispute was raised in one of his Zelda scores from the referee era from 15 years ago, because it was suspected of cheating. There was never an official veredict on wether he cheated or not, but based on the examples provided by experts, most people, including myself, would believe that he did cheat.

So that happened, a young human made a big mistake and cheated, should he be punished? Yes absolutely, he did something he definitely shouldn't have done.

How hard? By completely eliminating him along with the thousands of scores that the community reviewed and were never even suspected and never allowing him to return? Seems too hard to me. He wasn't just some idiot stealing footage from youtube and submitting it under his name just to get on a Walter Day's card like that guy from Israel that was banned two weeks after he joined. Rodrigo was the most dedicated player on this site and now he and all of his acomplhisments have been completely erased from the site because of one mistake.

It really bothered me to see him banned and all of his scores dissapear, like Roger said it was the first time my WR count went up but I didn't feel good about it. Every time I would get overall 1st place on a game I would think "I just hope Rodrigo doesn't pick this game up" because I knew he would quickly beat me. And even his inaugural scores were hard to beat, he would try hard even if there was no score to beat.

In my opinion, in trying to punish one person, this situationt went too far and ended up punishing the whole community and the site itself, hundreds of hours put by the community to review thousands of scores should count for something. There has to be a path for redemption for a player like Rodrigo and I think the removal of 20 years of records is more than enough punishment for one, if not the greatest player to have ever been a member on this site.

Rodrigo should be allowed to come back with a new slate and be allowed to submit again but only new scores, meaning, he can't just resubmit the same videos he has for new records, he would have to prove every time that he is getting them live. Or at least his TGSAP scores should be reinstated because they were approved by the community.

Thanks for reading this.

  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    All I can say is that he had the chance to present his evidence which he claims he had, which would have set him free, or alternatively he could've confessed to what he did and faced a lighter penalty. Instead, he chose to dance around the subject while making excuses and whining nonstop. To top that off, he was submitting other scores for mobile games left and right, which contradicted his claim he 'didn't have time to record' his video footage.

    He made the bed, he lies upon it.

  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    This post is one year old and now it is revived because he is submitting his score somewhere else? I gave my opinion, others did as well and Jace made a desicion, so I don't see the point in piling up against him when he is not even here, so I'm locking this thread.

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