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Pixe Sukola
07-13-2020 at 09:12 PM
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Anyone care for a dispute?

Hi, I recently started submitting scores for the game Namco Museum 50th anniversary for the Playstation 2 and my goal was to, little by little, get 1st place in the overall ESI leaderboard for that game. I started with the games I like, Rolling Thunder and to some extent Pole Position and Galaxian. A couple of days ago I got to 2nd place and to reach 1st now I have to start playing the games I don't care for and I don't have most experience in, like Pacman or Bosconian.

So I started watching the videos from the 1st place to study them and found out that a couple of them have no video because they were removed from Youtube. I sent a message to Michael asking if he still has the videos but he hasn't responded.



If these two scores are disputed and removed, I immediately get 1st place so I kind of feel bad doing it, but I also feel bad knowing that I noticed a disputable score on the leaderboard and I'm not disputing it. So if anyone wants to take on the duty, have at it.

If nobody disputes them then I will, after getting 1st place.

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    i know him on facebook i'll send a message there

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    I've got one of them disputed and will do the other one after the time limited is reached. Either way, this will open threads to hopefully get some information on why the videos are lost or if the videos can be reuploaded.

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