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Pixe Sukola
06-15-2021 at 01:33 PM
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Help with MAME

Any tips on how to fix this? Im trying to play Bosconian, wolfmame 184.


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  1. evan04's Avatar

    Hi Pixe, if you download a higher version of mame like 230 it will tell you the missing files for that rom hope this helps.

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  2. timmell's Avatar

    I can't get a new verison to work properly of wolfmame since 0.174

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  3. timmell's Avatar

    I'm having the same error with Neo- geo games

  4. Barthax's Avatar

    Quick answer: you're missing files.

    Medium answer: each ROM set is called a set because there are multiple files involved. The set typically gets zipped up & offered across the Internet via grey access. So you download a zip file which contains many files: there's at least one missing inside the zip file for that version of MAME.

    MAME FAQ: https://wiki.mamedev.org/index.php/FAQ:ROMs

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  5. swaggers's Avatar

    You might have a incorrect version for that version of mame. You might be missing a system bios.

    You can use Clrmamepro to check. Amazing tool

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  6. ploukplouk's Avatar

    download more version of the game, it could solve your problem.

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