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Pixe Sukola
06-18-2021 at 10:15 AM
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Passwords expiring

This morning the site informed me that my password had expired because it was 180 days old and that I had to change it. I find this unnecesary and to a user like me that comes here everyday, this is just a very small problem, it bothers me for a couple of hours and then I forget about it until the password expires in 6 months again.

But for the ocasional user, this could be a reason to not return to the site. You open your account, browse the site a little bit, maybe submit a score or two, adjudicate a few records, you come back in a month or two, everything seems fine, you enjoy the site a liitle more and then you come back 4 months later and you can't see anything because the password (that you probably don't remember by that point) has expired. To me this is a very good reason to just lose interest in a site, it happened to me before with speedrun.com and the most recent case was with spotify, I opened my account, started getting familiar with the site, making a few playlists, etc, I really enjoyed it for like 2 weeks. Then one morning when I opened the site, I was logged out and asked for my username and password again, I tried a couple of times but couldn't get it right, then I just returned to youtube and my personal library of music and after a few days I didn't even miss spotify.

So, I don't know why a change of password every 6 months would be necesary, but if I could get rid of that, I would.

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Ya, I always struggle big time(mine did this today as well), to figure out how to get logged back on, almost in a panic-I know another member had to message me and someone else here offsite recently, his expired and he couldn't get it going again(Pete helped him contact Frannie!), but I'm not as laid back as you, I panic, lol, I HATE changing passwords and stuff, or even fooling with it.

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  2. freeko's Avatar

    Depending on how passwords are stored, if they are stored at all, I prefer this method of a password expiring. For those that are going to use the site regularly, it impacts nothing. For the casual viewer, it probably again impacts nothing as anyone should expect that websites are going to be hacked, data breached, and this is a more than fair way to mitigate that.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i'm not a fan, but i can live with it

  4. swaggers's Avatar

    This site is poised to be on the forefront of video game crypto and security is important!

  5. Barthax's Avatar

    Your personal data is here (assuming you're not pretending to be someone else). Security here is very lightweight considering.

  6. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Yeah don't want anybody to hijack your account and start submitting world records for you

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  7. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138

    Yeah don't want anybody to hijack your account and start submitting world records for you

    LOL, yeah, 'cause anyone that hijacks your account will be shortsighted enough to think that your data is locked into one site. :P

  8. Snowflake's Avatar

    What if someone sinks your cred with bad votes

  9. datagod's Avatar

    If you think forcing people to change their passwords every 6 months will increase security you are wrong. Human beings were forced to change their passwords will simply add a number or a letter or incremented in some small way. Even Microsoft has acknowledged this and in their own corporation their passwords now no longer expire. They in fact are working towards not having passwords which would involve biometric logins.

  10. datagod's Avatar

    If you were forced to change your password in a hurry as a surprise then that means the site was compromised and passwords were leaked. I would not be shocked to find out that the passwords were stored in clear text because I believe this website is based on incredibly ancient forum software. So was there a breach? Who knows will we be informed? I doubt it.

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