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Pixe Sukola
07-01-2021 at 01:37 PM
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Has JJT been hacked?

A user claiming to be JJT just posted a message an hour ago asking for access to JJT's account, claiming he is Juan but to be honest I'm not sure. This could be somebody that dislikes him (we know there is no shortage) and wants to mess with him. And now the post has been deleted.

Some words that this person uses don't seem to match with Juan's vocabulary, like: upcoming, ordeal, dude, etc. To me, a good way to prove this is really him, would be to record a video in front of the F&F machine where he usually plays at and explaining the password problem there.

By the way, this person seemed to be having a conversation with Franny in the now deleted post but I couldn't see any comments from her, and I haven't seen a message anywhere from her in months. Have I been put in her ignore list?

  1. JJT_Fast_Furious_Super_Cars's Avatar

    I need your help what the hell is going on, it seem TG staff preventing me from contacting anyone or submitting.

    What happened since I been gone?

    @admin staff @TWIN GALAXIES Can look into this matter and fixing it for me please?
    #1 Getting my old 2003 Twin Galaxies Account JJT_DEFENDER back and erase this new account JJT_Fast_Furious_Super_Cars or transfer everything to this account.

    #2 Having Twin Galaxies change my old email jjt_defender @yahoo.com

    #3 If the erase my new account then I would need to get a new 6 month login password for my old TTwin Galaxies account JJT_DEFENDER, if Twin Galaxies transfer everything to my new account JJT_Fasrt_Furious_Super_Cars a login password would not be needed.

    All 3 problems solved simple.

  2. JJT_Fast_Furious_Super_Cars's Avatar

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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Hey man if you really are Juan, I would be more than happy to see you recovering your account, but you have to understand that this is a delicate subject, admin staff can't just handle somebody's account to anybody that claims to be another person.

    Like I said in my post, record yourself explaining your problem and upload it to youtube, to me that would be a good way to convince them.

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    JJT has been missing for a while. So it could be him, could also be someone taking advantage of him missing. password forced rests are a thing now. i wonder if he changed his pw and forgot the new one?

    jjt if you're reading this, so that this doenst keep happening every 6 months, please write your passwords down next time. dont post them online of course, but write them somewhere that you can check

    edit: daneil did you lock? causei can edit my comment but cant add new

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  5. JJT_Fast_Furious_Super_Cars's Avatar

    1. Erasing my old TG account email [email]jjt_defender @yahoo.com">jjtfastnfurioussupercars yahoo.com

    2. Either transfer everything to my new Twin Galaxies account JJT_FAST_FURIOUS_SUPER_CARS or give me a Twin Galaxies 6 month login password for my old TG account JJT_DEFENDER.

    3. If and when I get my old TG account back Twin Galaxies staff has to change my old email, in which I longer have access to anymore, TG staff would have to change out my old email and replace it with my new secure & full access email jjtfastnfurioussupercars yahoo.com

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