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10-19-2017 at 03:27 PM
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I will be at Pinball Madness at the Museum of Pinball at Banning, CA on Saturday

Hello all, Alex here...

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I will be at Pinball Madness at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA on Saturday as my first public appearance. It will also be the first time I compete in a pinball tournament which will be either a pass or fail. I am trying to look at the playfields and rules for all the games in the tournament so I can do well...

Also, you may have not seen me in a while. You all probably missed me and my proposed MAME records. Fear not, as I will be soon submitting MAME records (once I'm not busy with college) (I'm REALLY busy). I haven't left you guys, I just needed a break due to being busy with college...

Also, I will have a profile picture of myself shot during Pinball Madness once I return back home. So, no more blank profile pic...

I'll give more updates as replies on this blog post as soon as it's Friday or early Saturday (before I arrive).

Thanks all, and I will see you soon.


Alex Ashburn AKA Pr3Ci510n
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