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10-21-2017 at 09:28 AM
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Pinball Madness Update 1: Almost ready to head out, picture of myself, and other things...

Hello all, Alex here,

I am almost ready to head out to the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA to go to Pinball Madness and play in the pinball tournament. I will also do other things and hang out with other and talk about things. Before that though...

This is a picture of me, took today. If you want to meet me, find me with the Bob Ross shirt and dark gray sweatpants.

Other than that, I will take a picture during Pinball Madness and that will be my profile pic for a while.

Well, I will send another update after I leave and go back home from the Museum of Pinball. It will be Update 2 when that happens.

Thanks and I'll see you all at Pinball Madness today.

Alex Ashburn AKA Pr3Ci510n
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    Edit 1: By the way, I didn't mean to attach multiple images of myself... Sorry.

    Alex Ashburn AKA Pr3Ci510n
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