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10-24-2017 at 03:02 PM
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Pinball Madness Update 2: It's over. Tournament results, experience inside the Museum of Pinball, other things...

Hello everyone, Alex here,

Sorry I haven't post update 2 in a while. I was really busy with things, and had to post it right now.

Sadly, I took no pictures, but it was really fun.

So, after driving three hours to the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA, I went inside, got my wristband and headed inside to the pinball room where the tournament would take place. I signed up, gave the $25, and then practiced before the rounds started...

I kind of was badly getting points the first few rounds, but sticked around until the 10th round. The 9th round, I got two points on, and if I got three, I would have been in the B group playoffs. There had to be a tiebreaker round with five other people trying to claim the spot.

I lost, unless I missed something.

I played a few pinball games on some of the machines and then went into the arcade room.

It was like 80s-90s arcade game heaven, except the modern machines, but they're still good.

I played a few games that I have never played in an arcade, but have played ports of the arcade games on home consoles. Pole Position, Galaxian...

So, I kind of head out the arcade room from one game but then I see somebody walking...

Hideo Kojima.

I swear it wasn't a guy who looks like Kojima or is clothed like him. It might have been the real guy...

Sadly, I didn't talk to him because I didn't want to bother him about games he made in the past or his secret progress on "Death Stranding", but he was heading into the pinball room.

So, I didn't bother the guy, played a few more arcade games and headed home.

That was what happened at Pinball Madness.

I'm also kind of getting into cryptocurrency...

In fact, I have this...
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It's a Ledger Nano S, a hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

It will be used just in case for the future.

Not telling. (OK, I'll just tell a bit, it might be when Bitcoin's price rises)


I'll keep updating you on some things soon.


Alex Ashburn AKA Pr3Ci510n
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