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11-26-2017 at 09:25 AM
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Original Twin Galaxies thread archive is gone?, Net Neutrality, other feelings for December

Hi, Alex here,

Another post after a while. The original old-school threads and console threads were deleted a few days ago, bounties and tournaments and stuff. If you see the archived thread section of the forum now, there is nothing. I want to know why this happened. If the archive is still saved but is not on the website, that's okay. But, if all of the archive is deleted period, I don't know what to say. That's like deleting video game history. All I could say on that matter.

Also in pretty political stuff, I'm really worried about net neutrality being destroyed because I'm poor and can't afford paying for going to websites like Twin Galaxies. (Yes, that's what net neutrality could do, ISPs could slow down your connection to certain websites or make you pay a monthly bill to even access them.) So, I have an idea, if some one is in the legal law business, this could help a lot...

I want someone to write an non-prefilled-form email to Congress, using legal law terms, if they can (because sadly, Repub. Congress doesn't care about prefilled forms from a certain popular website right now), in order to stop Congress and the FCC from repealing net neutrality. It's pretty important. If this bill passes, we might have to pay for internet. And ISPs can charge whatever the heck they want for it. The only good thing is that they have to publicly expose what they are doing, but they might find a loophole in it like always...

Other than that, you may have never seen me adjudicate scores, or submit a score. There is a reason for that. I am taking a break from adjudicating and submitting on Twin Galaxies in December (Also January, maybe). The reason is that I'm making music with my brother and we're almost finished...

So I'm taking a break from Twin Galaxies. I'm not quitting. I'll be back submitting and adjudicating soon enough after me and my brother release the album. I will still be writing posts, but it won't be about the music since it's currently a top-secret project. I will probably write about Arcade Expo 4.0 and other things once they come around. Maybe when it happens, my trip to Japan in the future? I don't know, but that's all I could say right now, I will talk later.

Thanks for reading.

Alex Ashburn AKA Pr3Ci510n

Edit 1: I almost forgot, happy late Thanksgiving. Hope all your dinners were great.
Edit 2: Just realized that the old-school posts are still archived, what I have said about the thread archive being deleted didn't actually happen. You just have to search it through Google now though...
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    not accuarte.

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