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12-21-2020 at 09:36 AM
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"Tooting One's Own Horn" - 12-21-2020 01:30 PM

You will notice that any time Billy Mitchell speaks about other gamers in public, he rarely mentions their names.

The most recent example of this that I am aware of is when he appeared on a livestream with the general manager of Pac-Man Entertainment, Michael Benjamin. He was trying to claim he was the first to discover the extra dot on the 20 year Reunion machine. He alluded to two other players who were with him, but didn't mention their names. Donald Hayes and Chris Ayra were the gamers who were with him.

Mr. Mitchell later went on to discuss Jr. Pac-Man and how his high score was only around 200K. He made allusion to Abdner Ashman without mentioning his name, and hinted at practicing for Jr. Pac-Man's anniversary in order to potentially challenge Mr. Ashman.

If you know anything about Jr. Pac-Man and the skill of Abdner Ashman, you are probably rolling on the floor laughing. The last time I spoke with Chris Ayra, he said that his high score on Jr.Pac-Man was around 850K. Chris is a far better player at Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man than Billy Mitchell will ever be, yet we are led to believe that Mr. Mitchell could even hope to challenge Abdner Ashman, who is exponentially better than Chris.

Billy explained the reason why he doesn't mention players' names is because it isn't his job to advertise for them. He said something like, it's their job to toot their own horn.

That's interesting, because I was always taught growing up that it wasn't the least bit laudable for someone to incessantly toot their own horn, much like what Mr. Mitchell does.

It seems he has carefully crafted a narrative, by which a small portion of the gaming community have been convinced to unquestioningly accept.

Mr. Mitchell will only grant interviews with those who either already accept his narrative, or are none the wiser and naive, allowing him to paint whatever picture he wants, whether it is true or not. This recent livestream illustrates this perfectly.

I'm game. I'll play the fool and toot my own horn.

Billy Mitchell couldn't do what I do in Pac-Man if his life depended on it. I challenge him to prove me wrong.

I have achieved 3,333,360 on 5+1 turbo speed, something Mr. Mitchell has NEVER done. One time he spoke disparagingly of Donald Hayes' achievement of getting a perfect on turbo. He was downplaying such a feat- like can you believe someone would even think of doing that? I suppose he was taken aback when I said , yeah, I've done it too.

I have achieved a score of 3,333,180 on Pac-Man factory settings - something Billy Mitchell has NEVER done. Don't forget that a perfect game was once defined using factory/default settings prior to 1999.

I have officially achieved Ms. Pac-Man kill screens on both factory and turbo speeds. This is something that Billy Mitchell has NEVER achieved. His highest official Ms Pac score was only 703K, so any talk of a 940K game that was never officially accepted by TG or any other scoreboard is irrelevant.

I am also a decent Jr. Pac-Man player having achieved scores of 924K and 1.19M on factory speed and 3.6M on turbo speed. Billy Mitchell has NEVER come close to achieving such scores, and I can't even compete with Abdner Ashman.

Well enough of such foolish boasting.

Here is something I posted on Youtube back in October 2017 about the accomplishments of Bill Bastable.


Bill Bastable is one of the best Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-man players in gaming history. He achieved 3,332,820 on Pac-Man on multiple occasions, the first being on September 6, 1982. This score is the maximum number of points a player can score through the end of board 255 (3,326,600) plus all the points from the dots on the left side of the split screen and the one key (6,220). This score ends up being just 360 points shy of a maximum possible score on factory 3 + 1 settings (3,333,180) and 540 points shy on 5 + 1 settings (3,333,360). These and other scores were considered "perfect games" based on the knowledge and understanding of the time. Some "perfect game" designations were based on the maximum number of points scored through the end of the 6th key (the last blue time board #18), 340,400. Randy Tufts achieved this "perfect game" status on multiple occasions. He eventually matched Bill Bastable's score (3,332,820) by February of 1983, and may have exceeded it based on the knowledge of 7 dots on the right side of the split screen. Bill inadvertently ate 3 dots on the right side of the split screen during a game he played on November 5, 1982, making it his highest Pac-Man score -3,332,850.

Years later Bill gained a more comprehensive knowledge of the split screen and the 9 regenerating dots on the right side. He demonstrated this by playing a game on 5 + 1 settings and ending up with the maximum score of 3,333,360. This occurred on September 2, 1988.

Unfortunately, this game does not count. Due to the fact the hardware was manipulated to freeze gameplay on at least three different occasions, it is considered illegitimate. It is still significant that Bill had the knowledge and skill to achieve this feat in the late 1980s.

Some of his other accomplishments include scoring 957,760 (August 6-7, 1987) and 966,760 (March 9, 1988) on turbo Ms. Pac-Man , as well as scoring 881,360 (September 23-24, 1984) and 915,180 (March 25, 1991) on regular Ms. Pac-Man. The highest regular Ms. Pac-Man score he achieved was from November 17, 1989 with a score of 933,940.

  1. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    1. You are right Billy Mitchell DOES NOT praise other great classic arcade game players or name them. Billy is all about himself and he will put other player's down.

    Donald Hayes performance on getting a perfect Pac Man game on Arcade,Turbo Arcade, MAME, and Advance chip Arcade that is hard to do he is one to do it the Grand Slam of Perfect Pac Man games.

    2. Chris Ayra was the first to figure out the patterns and pick up the extra dots of 90 points not Billy Mitchell. Chris Ayra is a far better Pac Man and Ms Pac Man player than Billy Mitchell could ever be, all the credit should have gone Chris Ayra on Patters max eat for both Pac Mac and Ms Pac Man as well as fastest not Billy. In South Florida between Chris and Billy Mitchell

    3. Chris Ayra was the first to achieve a perfect Pac Man game not Billy Mitchell between them in South Florida.

    4. The player of the century was made up by Billy and Walter, take look at Twin Galaxies top 50 ESI classic game players rankings they are all better than him. He just picked the most popular classic arcade the timing was right.

    5. Mrs Doris Self we called her Mrs Q*Bert and she was one of my best friends. She played Q*Bert at the world's largest arcade game room after midnight at Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama estimated 3k classic arcade games built like castle with rows of classic arcade games of 20 Defender,Pac Man,Galaga, Robotron 1984, Centipede,Donkey Kong,Space Invaders,Asteroids excetra. It was incredibly awesome site to see.

    The original Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama was located off of University drive and State road 84 near the Florida Turnpike Fort Lauderdale,Florida. I JJT lived just a mile down the road and was playing there every day.

    5a. Mrs Doris Self if she was alive could tell you a lot of things about Billy Mitchell and she was straight forward never holding back and honest.

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    Wow awesome accomplishments are way better than Billy Mitchell.

    # 1. What is your name?

    1a. Do Twin Galaxies members know you?

    1b. Are you a Twin Galaxies member?

    1c. Do you have any world records or scores here on Twin Galaxies Scoreboard Database archives?

    1. Arcade Perfect Pac Man turbo speed 5 + 1 score 3,333,360 this hard to do congratulations.

    2. Arcade Perfect Pac Man normal speed 5 + 1 score 3,333,360

    3. Arcade Ms Pac Man normal speed killscreen

    4. Arcade Ms Pac Man turbo speed killscreen

    5. Jr. Pac Man score 1.19 million on factory speed

    6. Jr. Pac Man turbo speed score 3.6 million

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    1. What is your name or do you prefer to be anonymous? If so, why?

    Bill Bastable deserves to be recognized as the First player to achieve a Perfect Pac Man game. Plus achieving kill screen on Ms Pac Man and 933,940.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJT_Defender

    1. What is your name or do you prefer to be anonymous? If so, why?

    Click here to discover who the "mystery man" is.................



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    Hi JJT

    What happened to this site: "Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama" with estimated 3k classic arcade games?

    Does the site exist? How many games they do have now?


    Francois du Toit

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    Quote Originally Posted by francoisadt

    Hi JJT

    What happened to this site: "Grand Prix Race 'O' Rama" with estimated 3k classic arcade games?

    Does the site exist? How many games they do have now?


    Francois du Toit

    Grand Prix later became known as Boomers, the same place where Billy Mitchell claimed to have achieved his 1.062 DK score. It closed in 2015.

    Take care,


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    Correction Boomers bought out the original Grand Prix Race'O'Rama world's largest arcade game room in Fort Lauderdale Florida and moved it to Dania beach, Florida by highway 95.

    The PCB DK /DK Jr board swap and the DK record score that never happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by ProveAll

    Grand Prix later became known as Boomers, the same place where Billy Mitchell claimed to have achieved his 1.062 DK score. It closed in 2015.

    Take care,


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