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02-17-2021 at 08:36 AM
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To Proceed or Abort

In Ms. Pac-Man on the Strawberry board there is a well known opening pattern that will assure Ms. Pac-Man will pass through the blue ghost unscathed as long as no other ghosts get in the way.

The blue and orange ghosts start off each board in a predictable fashion while the red and pink ghosts do not, so when running this pattern one must be mindful of the red and pink. Sometimes one of them will get in the way where you have to deviate from the pattern in order to avoid being killed. You have to know when to proceed and when to abort.

This opening pattern, which many Ms. Pac-Man players use, is not difficult in the least to perform. Someone who learns to corner effectively, can safely run this pattern and "amaze" onlookers. Unfortunately, it has become one of those "Because I'm Billy Mitchell" moves where Mr. Mitchell gives the impression that it is difficult, where even if he taught you how to do it, you still couldn't pull it off. The reason, supposedly, why he can do it is because of who he is. Of course this is complete and utter nonsense. I am not convinced Billy Mitchell has the skill to consistently run a 9th key pattern that involves going through one or more ghosts in Pac-Man, yet he will brag about the ability to pass through one ghost on the 2nd board of Ms. Pac-Man - please!

Even so, one of the last times I saw Billy Mitchell try to show off by performing this stunt, he crashed and burned. Was it the joystick? No, he performed the pattern flawlessly until he died by running smack into the pink ghost. How could something like this happen?

I honestly think he views himself so highly that he feels everything must or will adjust to his view of reality and nothing will get in his way or stop him from carrying out his plans, whatever they may be. Well, I believe all of his gaffs and crash and burn moments in Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong are instructive. It ends up that reality will NOT adjust to accommodate Billy Mitchell's plan, but stop him dead in his tracks. Sure, it is possible that Mr. Mitchell was distracted, and I'm sure that is as good of an excuse as any, but despite his bravado and overconfidence old Pinky showed up and interfered with his plan.

The big picture is that Billy Mitchell's plan was to perpetrate and perpetuate a fraud using any means at his disposal, including family, friends and acquaintances, some who would lie and run interference for him, yet the "truth" threw a monkey wrench in the works and interfered with his plan.

Billy Mitchell may appeal to the fact he never gives up when he has a goal in mind, much like the endless attempts he made to achieve a perfect game for Pac-Man's 40th anniversary at Glitch Bar. Sure, he eventually did it - 17 days after he began his first attempt. Sad.

This may be possible in Pac-Man, but the truth is that Mr. Mitchell will not be given endless opportunities to appeal and file frivolous lawsuits. The court and legal system will quickly disabuse him of such a notion. The truth will win out and when it does, whether Mr. Mitchell likes it or not, he will have been defeated, and all of his rhetoric and spin will not change the fact he will have been forced to surrender.

Remember, as in Ms. Pac-Man, if you don't know when it is time to abort, you end up paying the price.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mitchell will take as many people with him as he plunges headlong over the cliff he so easily could have avoided. But alas, Billy Mitchell never aborts, yields or surrenders and the fact "He's Billy Mitchell" won't lessen the inevitable result

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  1. francoisadt's Avatar

    How much money this lawsuit will cost approximate in order of magnitude? small, meduim, or large case?

    Just a by-thought.. with all this money one could have used to promote or restore or preserve or host arcade events with real prize money or even open an unique arcade restaurant like Namco did using PaMan theme...

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