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02-18-2021 at 03:50 AM
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Ravi Zacharias / Billy Mitchell

I encourage everyone to take the time to watch this ().

Whether you are a Christian or not, and whether you were aware of the scandal surrounding Ravi Zacharias, I think it would be very instructive.

At first, I think Christians reflexively questioned the whole thing based on the perception that Ravi's reputation and character were beyond reproach, until the evidence became too damning to dismiss. Anyone can fall into a pattern of sin, but what is troubling in Ravi's case, as someone held up as a Christian leader, is that he sought to cover up his misdeeds. He manipulated others and claimed to be the victim, all the while lying about and victimizing others. It is truly sad.

I can't help but see something comparable in the case of Billy Mitchell. He is not guilty of sexual misconduct as far as we know, but he cheated and lied, and then tried to cover it up. He manipulated people, claiming to be the victim, all the while victimizing others.

The ministry of RZIM has begun steps to remedy the situation as much as they can and to help the victims of Ravi's abuse. This began when they fully accepted responsibility for the gross violations of their founder. They stopped trying to defend Ravi and the notion of some grand conspiracy to destroy him and his legacy. They accepted what an independent firm had uncovered and have taken the appropriate steps leading to repentance and healing.

Unfortunately, there has been no acknowledgement of wrongdoing on the part of Billy Mitchell and more and more people are being groomed and duped into defending this charlatan.

If we stand for truth and can acknowledge the wrongdoing of a world renowned apologist, who ended up being a sexual predator who led a perverted double life, then we certainly can call out Billy Mitchell as a liar and cheater - a charlatan.

I really pray that Mitchell would do the right thing, but given the steps he has already taken to silence critics and manipulate public perception, I don't hold out much hope.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    first impressions are a known concept, where yeah the first impression overshadows later proof against the first impression. and i've definitlely noticed trust and prestige can be circular. "hes trustworth" "why" "well noones even caught him in the wrong" "what about all the accusations he was in the wrong?" "well i dont believe those accusations" "why" "cause he's trustworthy".

    same with prestige. "that person is presitgious cause their part of a presitgious organization" "what makes the organization prestigous" "all the prestigious people in it" "well what makes them prestigous?" "cause they're in that prestigious organization"

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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Just a simple word of caution to Dave: you've been in the thick of the situation & I hope you can recognise when you are free of the situation (I haven't monitored it so have no idea of its current state) but your own actions are the thing maintaining any negative feelings you've experienced. I hope you're moving forward and these wall posts aren't regurgitations of those negatives.

    Other than that, it's great to see the reflections of your current perspective. :)

  3. kernzyp's Avatar

    I think you'll find that narcissism is not regulated by morals, nor religion.
    The narcopath will only change, temporarily, once they get caught, AND, punished. Until that happens, they will lie and twist facts, and rewrite history to benefit themselves.
    Where do the worst psychopaths hang out? Churches, politics, banking, police. And video games :)
    The quest to be the most controlling machiavellian is the calling card, and the recognising factor, of the sinister soul.
    They can't hide it that well, but unless you know what to look for, you'll never see it.
    The uniform, or the cloth, is what gives some narcissists a false sense of security/authority, which is why you find them in fancy dress.
    The best thing to do, is disengage. You will become sucked into proving them wrong, which can ruin you.
    When you learn how to do that, tell me how.
    Success can be a double edged sword.

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  4. The Evener's Avatar

    Thank you David for sharing your reflections and your well-founded concerns about the health of the CAG community in the shadow of Mitchell's multi-million dollar lawsuits. I'm grateful for your continued advocacy for the truth and for calling out the impact of his actions.

    I would add for anyone that hasn't been following the general thread about the case, the next hearing or conference call on Mitchell's lawsuit is currently scheduled for August 2021, TG appeal about the anti-SLAPP motion is winding its way through the appeal's court, and TG's cross-complaint has been filed. All of that to say, David (and TG in general) is very much in the thick of it, so on that front I would put the onus of any negative feelings on Mitchell's decision to file a lawsuit rather than on anyone speaking out about it since it is very much alive and active, whether or not one chooses to follow its progress.

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