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03-01-2021 at 06:43 PM
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Mitchell, Lakeman and Guinness

Yesterday, I posted about a message I sent to Guinness where I was seeking an answer on how Robbie Lakeman's Donkey Kong score of 1,260,700 score was adjudicated.

The thread devolved into accusations of cheating and manipulation of PRNG by John McCurdy, who I had mentioned in my message to Guinness.

Well, to bring this back to my initial concern, Robbie has confirmed he had nothing to do with the submission.

Hopefully, I will receive a response back from Guinness where they can explain the apparent double standard and special treatment they gave to Robbie's DK score. From Robbie's account, Billy Mitchell was the one who informed Guinness, and just like that Guinness updated their site to show the new score, bypassing everything that would be required if someone else achieved such a record, namely, submission to an adjudicating authority, whereby it would be independently verified. By the way, Billy Mitchell is no such authority and he independently verified nothing.

I mean, if all it takes to receive special treatment and be declared a world record holder by Guinness, is to be in the good graces of someone who has a confidentiality agreement with Guinness, i.e., Billy Mitchell, then the corruption is far greater than I thought. I suppose we'll be seeing more of these nonadjudicated records in the near future.

Someone brought to my attention that if you do a Record Application Search on the Guinness website, the following is what appears under the "Highest Score on Donkey Kong" record:

"This record has been sourced from expert consultants and institutions and we do not invite proactive applications. If you want to speak to us about this record, please contact us."

So it seems this track is not something you can proactively apply for. The question remains, who are the expert consultants and which institutions are responsible for sourcing and providing nformation on this particular record to Guinness? John McCurdy had the highest score in Donkey Kong before Robbie's 1.26million score, and he holds it currently, but none of the expert consultants or institutions chimed in to inform Guinness of a new world record. The individual player is not responsible for keeping Guinness abreast of any changes.

I want to know what organizations and experts are being requisitioned to supply Guinness with trustworthy data?

Apart from records sourced from specialized organizations, there are those which rely on an application process for individual records.

I have a feeling that in this current environment we may be seeing a record for the most number of perfect games in Pac-Man, or one similar to it, show up any time now, skirting all of the individual guidelines and requirements.

I have looked at these, as I once applied for such a record. The fact that I or anyone else may have recorded a number of perfect games, doesn't do away with the requirement for each of those games to be properly verified and adjudicated. Given how Guinness has recently portrayed itself, I am glad I decided not to follow through.

At this time I have little respect for Guinness and none for Mitchell.

Robbie said:

"When I got that score, it was practically the same day GWR reinstated Bills scores. I don't know why happened, but I assume Bill told them my score that had already been accepted by the community as a NWR, so they just updated the score. My others scores aren't on there since we haven't been in touch with them."


"I didn't submit to them. They were just in contact with Billy when they reinstated his scores and asked what the current WR was, and that's what it was at the time. They have no referees or experts for gaming since their fallout with TG, so I don'tknow what else to tell you."

Robbie achieved his score of 1,260,700, on June 15, 2020. At the time TG did not recognize it as a world record because Robbie did not submit it to them. It was acknowledged as a new world record on Donkey Kong Forum, which represents the broader Donkey Kong community.

I find it ironic that Billy Mitchell would appeal to the very community who exposed him as a cheater, in order to push for the inclusion of Robbie's new score in Guinness.

Also, if Billy Mitchell can get Guinness to recognize the score of Robbie Lakeman, then should we also assume that other individuals, with far more expertise and credibility than Billy Mitchell, could vouche for another player in order to have Guinness fast track their score as a new Guinness world record, just like they did for Lakeman?

Currently, John McCurdy is recognized by the Donkey Kong community as having the world record with a score of 1,272,700.

Hypothetically, if Hank Chien, Dean Saglio, or some other credible member of this community were to contact Guinness for the purpose of recognizing John McCurdy as the world record holder for the highest score on Donkey Kong, to be consistent, Guinness should accept it.

The larger community appealed to in support of Lakeman, is the same one which supports McCurdy.

Twin Galaxies currently does not recognize John McCurdy's score. The reason is because John did not submit his game to them. The same was also true of Robbie Lakeman. His 1,260,700 was not recognized by TG "UNTIL" he went through the process of submitting and uploading his game for verification.

Guinness relies on third party consultants, experts, and adjudicators for much of the information found in their record books. If Guinness still had a working relationship with TG, they would have accepted and acknowledged John McCurdy's old DK record of 1,259,000 until Robbie Lakeman submitted to TG.

It seems the relationship with TG has been severed by Guinness at the behest and influence of Billy Mitchell. If their claim of classic arcade world records being sourced from "expert consultants and institutions" is true, then upon whom is Guinness relying to vet classic arcade submissions?

This is what makes the inclusion of Robbie's score all the more questionable.

Unless Guinness has a relationship with Billy Mitchell where he is given preferential treatment and granted special status to push scores wholly apart from any independent verification process, following neither standard , nor specialized guidelines put forth by Guinness or third party record trackers there certainly is no reason why Robbie's score should have been accepted by Guinness. The fact they accepted it concurrently with their reinstatement of Mitchell's scores, is rather telling.

If Mr. Mitchell is claimed by Guinness to be one of the "expert consultants", it could likely expose them to allegations of collusion, conspiracy, and conflict of interest, given the settlement and non disclosure agreement which exists between them.

If this is not the case, why then should Guinness have updated this, or any other classic arcade record previously adjudicated by Twin Galaxies?

All such Guinness records should be held in abeyance until arrangements can be made with a new organization or organizations to properly vet submissions, or unless they decide to reverse their decision and reestablish a relationship with Twin Galaxies.

On a separate note, as I mentioned at the beginning, my previous thread split off into accusations against John McCurdy. Some questioned what he did at the end of his world record game (1,272,700). McCurdy wore what appeared to be a Ronald Reagan mask and someone referred to this as "suspcious" since you couldn't see his face.

McCurdy's entire game was played where you could both see and hear the gameplay of an actual arcade unit. The PCB and control panel were also recorded, yet this final Point Break-esque ending should make us question his game - really?

I looked again for this person's comment, but it appears to have been removed.

Perhaps the reason for this is because all three of Billy Mitchell's disputed DK games only show emulated gameplay. There is absolutely no way to verify "who" was responsible for what was recorded on those tapes. Billy Mitchell, along with Guinness, claim that these are his games, but there is no recording of an actual DK arcade machine, and you don't see or hear him play anything. In that sense they are completely anonymous. The statement about John McCurdy, therefore, is beyond hypocritical.

In closing, I have never questioned the legitimacy of Robbie Lakeman's high scores. What I question is how his 1.26 million game was adjudicated by Guinness. It certainly was not through the means claimed for it on their website.

Given this, apparently Robbie thinks it is appropriate to refer to me as David Race-ist.

Well, he can laugh it up, but it won't change the fact that even though his games were performed on legitimate hardware, unlike his fraudulent compatriot, his 1.26 million score should not have been accepted as a Guinness World Record.

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  1. stella_blue's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by ProveAll

    Yesterday, I posted about a message I sent to Guinness where I was seeking an answer on how Robbie Lakeman's Donkey Kong score of 1,260,700 score was adjudicated.

    The thread devolved into accusations of cheating and manipulation of PRNG by John McCurdy, who I had mentioned in my message to Guinness.

    Would you happen to have a link to that thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stella_blue

    Would you happen to have a link to that thread? 100041&ref=m_notif¬if_t=feed_comment

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    Mr. X is king. That is all.

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    Thanks for posting David, and for your continued advocacy of the truth. I'd be grateful if you could keep the community updated on any response you receive from Guinness. In my experience they're very unresponsive for any queries outside of a formal payment for service such as the $800-$1200 Priority application for a record.

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