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11-02-2021 at 06:44 PM
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BM Lying Again about Pac-Man at the Multi Con.

The irony isn't lost on me.

Here is a Youtube clip which shows the last moments and final score of BM's falsely ascribed "perfect game" at the Multi Con this past weekend in Lebanon, TN.

Check out this coverage from NewsChannel 5 out of Nashville:

[Bracketed scores indicate what should be displayed for a perfect game in progress performed using a PCB with a shorted jumper.]

1). :54 - BM has lost a man, and consequently 90 points needed to achieve the current definition of a perfect game. BM refers to "chaos".

2). :59 - 1:00 - BM clearing board 171.
2,227,200 [2,232,200]. This is the first sign that BM had already missed a key worth 5,000 points.

3). 1:19 - 1:23 - BM is playing board 188 (2,429,190 - 2,429,340). End of board 187 is 2,428,800 [2,433,800].

4). 1:32 - BM at start of board 192. End of board 191 is 2,479,200 [2,484,200].

5). 1:40-1:41 - BM lying about not having lost any points. Notice he is missing a man. That's a 90 point loss. Also, every clip where the score can be checked shows a non-perfect score, short by 5,000 points. I'm guessing he may have died just before picking up a Key. This clearly highlights how much of an outright and blatant LIAR Mr. Mitchell is.

6). 1:50 - BM playing board 171. Board ends with 2,227,200 [2,232,200].

7). 1:58 - BM finishes board 187 with a score of 2,428,800 [2,433,800].

8 ). 1:59 - BM playing board 184. Board 183 ends with 2,378,400 [2,383,400].

9). 2:26 - BM playing at the beginning of board 174. Board 173 ends with 2,252,400 [2,257,400].

A perfect score for a "fast machine" on 5+1 settings would have been 3,297,360. The final score on BM's game apparently was 3,292,270 and Mitchell, being the liar that he is, still claimed it was a perfect game.

He came up 5,090 points short. He missed a Key along the way and died once. He is becoming even more brazen in his lying. The sad thing is that he continues to bank on the ignorance of those around him and is betting that no one will call him on it.

It is a shame that BM intentionally lied to those in attendance at the Multi Con, the news team which covered this story, and their audience.

Perhaps NewsChannel 5 will issue a correction or retraction.

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  2. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Billy being Billy.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    i think a fun competion would be to see who can be the first to find a time when billy told the truth.

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  4. Rev John's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    i think a fun competion would be to see who can be the first to find a time when billy told the truth.

    "The tapes are MAME!"

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Well(I tend to stay out of this, unless I'm being a jokester, but that's not what I am doing now...)-

    I guess one of the issues I've always had with the suspected/proven "cheaters" is the FACT that they are typically excellent players, "issues" notwithstanding.

    Arcade games are HARD. Just because you know exactly what to do doesn't mean you are gonna pull it off every time.

    Your description of the game, his mistakes and all, STILL sounds like a game coming from a person clearly capable of a perfect game.

    Why can't that be enough?

    I mean, dang-if I could play Pac that well, in front of people at a convention, blah, blah, I'd be super proud, "perfect" or not.

    So I guess my "issue" is, these people were/are perfectly good players in the first place, I just don't see the reason for risking tainting a reputation over that extra 5 or 10%.

    Pretty ticked at me for missing that, BTW-I'm not exactly close to Nashville, but closer than those type events are usually held(I didn't say that right, somehow. Bad grammar. IDC), and if I had known a few days prior I'd have tried to have gone.(Mebbe bad grammar again...).

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    its a good point roger that plenty (not even close to all, but plenty) of cheaters are good players too. Theres a misconception that the only people who cheat are absolutely terrible at games and so have to cheat, when in reality the cheating is an edge in addition to their other skills. alot of billy's fam defense is "he's good enough he doesnt have to cheat".

    noone assumes the sports cheaters who use steroids were be 90 lbs pencil knecked geeks if they went off the juice, yet people assume video game cheaters would bet hat equivalently bad.

    even twingalaxies for a challene system, if your score was disputed, at one point (long before jace) all you had to do was attain a fraction of your score, and it was decided if you could get that high enough fraction of your score, then your score is believable too.

    i'm not sure lying hurts billys reputation now though. anyone that cares about his lying already knows. and anyone that doesnt care, somone casualy there thinking its cool to be in prescence of a perfect pacman may for those few minutes respect him more due to the lie. i dont think it harms long term as the lie doesnt lose him anyone he wouldnt have already lost, but it does gain him some fleeting attentnion that he wouldnt have already have

    and thats where he is now. its not the devoted hardcare obsessed gamers that follow him, its the people who hear "hey someone famous you never heard of here, wanna go check it out" and if that makes their and his day more fun, cool, good for them. i'm not above a bit of fantasy myself. its when he was mucking with actual comopetiors and scoreboards uesd by people who want accuracy that i had issue. a bunch of casual people looking for a day of entertainment that dont care about the scoreboards, cool, spin a tail, make some friends, talk about that big fish you caught, have some fun

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  7. datagod's Avatar

    Contenstant: "I ate 35 hot dogs. I am the champion. "

    Judge: "You only ate 28, but you ate more than anyone else. You are the champion"

    Contestant: "See? Even the judge agrees with me. I ate 35 hot dogs. I am the champion"

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  8. datagod's Avatar

    Billy appears beside AOC in Guinness. Good company. LOL

  9. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Well, OK Snow, pretty good stuff there.

    The challenge system-lol, I gotta tell ya, w/o a few days practice, mebbe more(which I am unwilling to do, really...), there's no way I could prove to you I did my Burgertime score, seriously, it's "gone".


    Kinda weird, as I could pick up any port and play perfectly safely, but I've just played sooo many games since then.

    I suppose then, I have to wonder. Probably not all that profound, I'm sure this is actually a "well, duh".

    I don't know the Guy personally, and if anyone can find anything directly negative that I've ever said, let me know, I'm pretty sure I haven't, was actually a bit of a fanboy early on, but now it's just a tired issue, really(no offense to this thread, truly).

    It's possible that he's just bought into being "the bad Guy", running with it, as it's really the easiest way to stay in the spotlight.

    Like professional wrestling villans, you don't have to be "the good guy" to be popular and make money, I guess.

    Anyway-you aren't gonna get a "perfecter" Pac-Man. I suppose there's always DK for him to compete on, but really noone is gonna revive the popularity of any/many other arcade games enough for it to be an important accomplishment, in 2021.

    So when, for instance, he is saying odd things to a judge(I didn't really watch that, just kinda heard about it)-how do we know he even believes any of what he is saying/doing?

    Like, every time you roll your eyes at him, he is internally rolling his right back, pulling the strings, staying in your conciousness one way or another?

    No lie, the World being what it is, a somewhat imperfect balance of good and evil, shall we say, considering the position he was in, I don't really blame him for milking it for all it's worth, we only get one go around.

  10. datagod's Avatar

    The comment section is pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    Contenstant: "I ate 35 hot dogs. I am the champion. "

    Judge: "You only ate 28, but you ate more than anyone else. You are the champion"

    Contestant: "See? Even the judge agrees with me. I ate 35 hot dogs. I am the champion"

    that is a perfect analogy. isnt that his gamer of the cenutry award? all the photos are blurred of the namco award but i could've sworn i read it went like

    namco: have this award saying we saw you get A (not even THE or FIRST) perfect pacman
    billy: namco said i was the player of the century, whos photo of me with a blurred plaque that you cant read saying so

  12. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    The comment section is pretty good.


    A Tennessee-based chat that went on at least four comments w/o anything politically incorrect being said...

    That's GOTTA be a record...

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  13. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rev John

    "The tapes are MAME!"

    if memory serves thats a strech cause it was "those tapes are mame that dwayne edited to frame me"

    i feel thats like billy saying "its not true that i cheated" and snipping that too "i cheated" -- see see he admitted it.

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  14. datagod's Avatar

    If you tell a reporter that you are playing a perfect game, and you finish the game telling them you played perfectly, and they report that you have played a perfect game, it is now in the public record.

    "Oh, I was being sarcastic" is not a defense.

    It is a clear lie being perpetuated.

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  15. datagod's Avatar

    "Them there tapes contain MAME elements because Dwayne had them and he edited them"

    Exact same footage is shown at a convention, recorded in high def by Sroka, presented by Billy himself as his own legit tapes.

    "Something else happened"

    He confirmed the tapes contained MAME --AND-- he confirmed the footage was his. End of story.

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  16. Snowflake's Avatar

    the defense there is "even jace said sroka's tapes werent enough". now of course they're allowed to agree with jace on some things but not others, thats not hypocritical to sometimes agree with your opponent. what is hypocritical though is to provide no reason for sroka's tapes being enough other than jace's say so, i guess if jace says something positive to them, then no need to explain why jace is right, his word alone is proof. pretty ridiculous to cite jace as an infallible source for one piece of evidence while arguing with him on another.

  17. datagod's Avatar

    The only people that believe billy has legit tapes of legit scores are people who are either willingly blind (Joel West), star struck (as seen in the video above) or simply don't understand the difference between MAME and Arcade footage.

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    "Multi Con" -- name checks out

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  19. gstrain's Avatar

    Now Billy can get witness statements from the viewers at the Music City event that state he got a perfect pacman, then sue anybody that says otherwise, despite the video evidence to the contrary. Seems pretty familiar.

  20. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    i think a fun competion would be to see who can be the first to find a time when billy told the truth.

    That'll be when pigs fly!

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