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11-22-2019 at 01:32 PM
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32X Virtua Racing Japanese NTSC

I came across an article online about 32X Virtua Racing the other day. They were comparing the US and Japanese releases of the game. The gameplay itself is exact. Some minor differences: The Japanese release doesn't have the "Sega Sports" logo when you first boot up the game, the voice that says "Virtua Racing" when you first start the game is toned down a bit and the shading is a touch darker on the menu selection screen.

The main difference between versions though, and the reason I'm posting this.. The Japanese release has a battery save. It saves your times in "Virtua Racing" mode, saves your controller configuration, and saves your trophies....Trophies, that if you get gold on all 5 tracks (Normal, or Hard mode) , accesses mirrored versions of all the tracks - I had no idea that was possible in the US version. It's crazy that the US release doesn't have a battery save, since getting gold is no easy task that you'd want to do every time you turn the game on.

So, the Japanese release is the ultimate version of the game...But...it doesn't boot up on US consoles using a Mega Everdrive due to the region :( ....So I removed the region check from the rom :)

@jmb @Marco1019 @Cyriss_Zeal and anyone else who's interested, here's the region-free Japanese rom:


Don't forget to hold the console's reset button down for a second or two after you're done playing. That will save all of your settings, times and progress.

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  1. Marco1019's Avatar

    Great find! Do you have the article link?

    I'm up for creating new NTSC & EMU tracks for this one.

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  2. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Marco1019

    Great find! Do you have the article link?

    I'm up for creating new NTSC & EMU tracks for this one.

    Right! Thanks, I knew you'd dig it. I don't have the link though. I was just clicking around and ended up somewhere..lol. Could have been the Sega-16 site.

    Yep, new mirrored tracks would be awesome. I've gotten gold on Big Forest and Acropolis so far. Bay Bridge shouldn't be too hard, if I can get around the other cars early. Highland will take some time getting used to again. That is a tricky track. Sand Park is a fun track that I'm used to, but the clock is an issue. Maybe 5 attempts and I ran out of time on the final lap each time while I was closing in on the leader. It'll be a challenge. Who would go through this on the US version when, you power down, it's bye bye to your progress?!

  3. Marco1019's Avatar

    I'll get it after work & maybe stream tonight or tomorrow.

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  5. Marco1019's Avatar

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  6. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Yea, I see they were talking about how to edit it. The article was probably somewhere on that site too.
  7. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    One more Gold trophy to go! Once I re-learned Highland, it wasn't that bad. Bay Bridge though, holy crap. The 1st place driver is a total ACE. I was nailing the turns, but you gain on him very slowly. If you're not in 4th place by the second lap, you probably won't catch him. I suggest using the Stock car for your trophy hunt - The Proto and Formula cars spin out when you make too much contact with the other drivers. The Stock car can bully them around a bit.

    Sand Park.. Not having much luck using the "Wall Bounce Technique Version 1" (©™ 2016 RaGe Corp) towards the end of the "O'Neill Tunnel" (©™ 2016 @stella_blue Inc. ..lol). You have to slow down too much, and the other drivers whip right by. Seems like taking that turn legit is the way to go. But it's tough to do consistently.

    Whatever. I'm on this game's azz later on. I'm not stopping till I beat that track. grr. lol Hope you guys can get those golds, too. Mirrored tracks await.

  8. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Mirrored Mode accessed! As I crossed the finish line, the 2nd place dude was right behind me. Fun stuff.

    So there's no "Time Attack" mode for the mirrored tracks, only "Virtua Racing" mode. I don't mind that, since TA mode times don't get saved to the cartridge anyway, only VR times. I was considering just mirroring the five VR tracks that are in the database already. But I don't think anyone wants to be limited to only using the not-so-fun Prototype car on these "new" tracks. The best way is to add Stock, Formula and Prototype for the 5 new tracks, since they all have unique handling. Those will be for 5-Lap Race Time (If there's good competition, we could always add "Fastest Lap" in the future, where we pull the fastest lap times from the Races).

    I'll probably set the Mirrored tracks up some time tonight.

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