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10-09-2018 at 12:25 PM
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GWR: Gamer's Edition 2019 roundup.

Finally got through the entire book and here are the list of TG records or records by TG members that made it. .Rodrigo Lopes - 1. Farthest distance in breath of the wild, ridgeland tower gliding challenge. (2,912.1m) 2. Fastest time in breath of the wild footrace mini game (46.99sec.). .Robbie Lakeman - Highest score on donkey kong (1,247,700.) .Isaiah triforce Johnson - First perfect score on Arcade Archives Mario Bros (999,990). .Alex Holbrook - Highest score on tetris for game boy (752,668). .Paul J. Tesi - Highest score on nintendo campus challenge (18,748,000) .Ross Thompson - Fastest time to score 3 baskets with a puck in rocket league (16 sec.) .Andrew Peter Mee - Fastest 3 laps of byron bay's deep water cross country circuit in forza horizon 3 (2 min 30.184 sec.) . Tristen Geren - Biggest blowout on NBA2K17 (97-43) . Joe Jackmovich - Highest scores on Faster than light advanced edition hard difficulty (5,847) . Normal difficulty (5,275). Easy difficulty (5,204).

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