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11-15-2018 at 02:28 PM
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OBS problem.

Hey people, i need help. I would like to make a submission for microsoft pinball arcade but when i try to record the game with obs , i get a black screen, (the sound is still recorded tho). I use display capture to capture my mame subs. Is there some other setting i need to use to record the game properly?

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    Man OBS is awesome and can be a pain. We had the opposite problem with a webcam at our tournament. It recorded video just fine but wouldn't do audio. There are several settings for the video to be displayed in. I would just try them all. They are quick to go through. Not sure why but my OBS works perfectly for me every time I use it. When my buddy tries to use it, it's an absolute nightmare. We have even tried recording the exact same program using identical settings, mine works perfectly, he gets the same black screen you get.

    Sorry this probably didn't help much, but at least you know it might not be you making a mistake.

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  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    when you select your source for video, you can select "game capture" or "display capture" the first one is obviously to select the specific game that you want to record, and the second option allows you to record all that is displayed in your desktop including apps, try using both together or separated, that fixed a problem a was having with a game.

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