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10-19-2021 at 03:57 AM
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Just had my credibility lowered on outworld's first MK submission and i just wanna say that this place is really full of ****! Do the global rules not say that continues are not allowed?! Yet this submission was still accepted?!! F**K OFF with this place!! TGSAP is clearly garbage. Just ban me !!! Cuz this is a waste of time. Seriously considering just leaving this place cuz y'all don't even follow your own goddamn rules it's pathetic!!!

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    Dude, I know it is frustrating, but this is why the disptue system is so importnt. I'm pissed too because of a recent "hey we all agree, lets accept this ...............no wait don't!!!!". I lost enough cred to be below the 4,000 mark which means I can't dispute anymore.

    Maybe @Snowflake can open a dispute.

    The adjudication system is not babysat by the admins, and blind voters can push things over the edge. A dispute, however, has to be reviewed by the admins. Hopefully the decision will be reversed and you get your cred back.

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  2. EVN's Avatar

    Dispute Triforce's score while you're at it. Oh wait you can't because no vid :/

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  3. datagod's Avatar

    Which one? There are so many. I disputed one of his contra scores but in the end he was able to convince Dave that his leeching wasn't leeching.

    In other words, leeching is back on the menu boys!

  4. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Living up to your screen name I see :p

    As datagod mentioned, just open a dispute (or have someone do it for you). Sounds like it is pretty straightforward and will get corrected

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  5. Ragequit's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by EVN

    Dispute Triforce's score while you're at it. Oh wait you can't because no vid :/

    Yeah he admitted to manipulating the bonus stages but "hurr durr there's no way i used a continue hurr durr" What idiot is buying that bullshit?! His score should be removed easily just by that alone!! But that isn't the point!! Triforce's score was pre-TGSAP so of course i'll expect the old scores to be suspect, but TGSAP is supposed to be better than that!! Those top 2 MK scores have opened my eyes to the truth that TGSAP is a fucking SHAM!!!
  6. Ragequit's Avatar

    Why the **** should i be part of an organization that has blatant double standards?? Explain that to me someone?

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  7. Ragequit's Avatar

    I don't even give a **** about credibility it's just the principle of the thing!

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  8. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    What I took away from all this:

    Apparently, f**k gets censored, fucking does not. Interesting.

  9. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    I guess its ok to get caught in the act but you just can't give it away. That's just one inch too far.

    Quote Originally Posted by RaGeNyC

    What I took away from all this:

    Apparently, f**k gets censored, fucking does not. Interesting.

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  10. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    <p>I took over 50,000 Credibility point hit over the years.</p><p> 46 no video video missing accepted originally from 3rd party video sites Twitch, YouTube &amp; another 11 unknown CR hits then 5-6 months later shows up on my wrong votes a hit again later hit again double. Then 6 submissions that was right even the submitter said it was and other TG members checked it out it was right and physical evidence showed it was right. But never was corrected . Then my own video game submissions I incorrectly voted on. Then 9 video game submissions that the player on the last second the player got the the video uploaded. Then 6 submissions that the TG member submitter ask TG members to vote NO but somehow got voted in accepted.</p><p>Then recently not getting my 3 credibility and 1 submission points for over 100 plus videos. That is life, at this point it what it is. LOL</p><p>JJT_Defender<br>Honored Veteran<br>Credibility:29855<br>Submission points: 26822<br>FRIENDS<br>SUBSCRIPTIONS<br>SUBMISSIONS - QUEUED (0)<br>SUBMISSIONS - ACCEPTED (466)<br>SUBMISSIONS - REJECTED (43)<br>FOUNDED TRACKS (932 SP DONATED)<br>RIGHT VOTES (29,278 VOTES)<br>WRONG VOTES (93 VOTES)</p>
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  11. Rogerpoco's Avatar


    I come in peace!

    (Shut up, Terr...)

    A few different things-

    Don't let this get you down, Man, you've been too productive a member here for a good while now, don't let this issue take the fun side of it away from you, please.


    (One of my favorite words, haha-here in Mountain City, they say "You'uns" instead, but that's a whole 'nuther story...).

    There truly is no Ya'll, I swear.

    Kinda used to be, mebbe, there was something of a "collective conciousness" around here, but anymore it's kinda more like a bunch of independant contractors, working around and with each other.

    Things happen sometimes because x amount of people think a certain way at the same time, but I've told many, many people here this in the past-really, no one person is ANY more important than any other person here.

    There are those that never seem to shut up, and go on about themselves all the time, often for their own amusement(i.e., umm... Me.), but their value to the community is all equal, with the exception of voting cred, really.

    So-pertaining to YOUR usage of this site-it's yours, Man. It's yours. We all run differently, but you are an equal member here, not someone "outside of the group".

    I suppose that's just my opinion, but I'm pretty attached to it.

    Honestly, I'm not familiar with the submission in question-it happens.

    I've had instances(can't remember)where I refused to change my vote, knowing I was gonna take a hit, etc, etc, tbh anymore I usually try to avoid anything controversial at all, if I can.

    Really hope you can find a way to put this behind you, like I said, yur pretty active, even very active, we need more of that, not less.

  12. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    Soldier, don't kill me for this, but I have to tell you that you made the wrong decision, on this occasion. One game was started, on the "player 1" side, and was left to die; a second game was started, on the "player 2" side, and that was the game which was played all the way through. Clearly, there was no continuation. I surmise that both games were not started simultaneously, because then "player 2" would've had to kill off "player 1", which would've yielded free points, and that would've been unacceptable, for obvious reasons.

    Starting two games, in order to play on the "player 2" side, is also done for Galaga. Granted, the practice is explicitly permitted by the Galaga tracks' rules, but I don't think that the absence of such a permission within the Mortal Kombat track's rules is grounds for either rejection or dispute.

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  13. Snowflake's Avatar

    i also didnt think it was a continue. Plenty of games behave different on bootup than they do several games later. Often times its rng thats deemed to make no real advantage. Sometimes the rng can lead to bonuses of varying advantage. Theres no rule you must start every game on reboot, those prior games arent treated as multi credit.

    granted theres a difference between having random differences just happen, versus being aware of differences quarters later and taking advantage of that, but i do think it still makes for a grey area.

    the global rules arent good. they all have bad corner cases, grey areas, and if you go back in time pre-tgsap with private performances i can only imagine how much more inconsitently they were applied.

    theres quite a few tracks that are a real mess thats too late to fix thanks to the global rules. one size does not fit all. global rules often lead to heated debate with members on each side assuming the other side doesnt have an honest difference of opionin but must be trolling, or colluding, or something else.

    i dont vote on everything. I dont think there was hypocrisy, or if there was, i dont think that was the only thing going on. Maybe global rule tracks that are too open to interperation would cause less stress/annoyance for you if abstained on

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  14. Snowflake's Avatar

    that said, sure, if you formally ask me, i'll open a dispute on your behalf, not because i agree with you, but because i think your complain is good faith, and you're an active member who's deficit credibilty has no reflection on value to the community, your efforts, or your trustworthiness

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  15. Ragequit's Avatar

    WTF are you guys talking about?!!! The game starts before countdown continue timer reaches zero!! Outworld admits to using a continue himself in the submission!!! STFU

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  16. Ragequit's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    that said, sure, if you formally ask me, i'll open a dispute on your behalf, not because i agree with you, but because i think your complain is good faith, and you're an active member who's deficit credibilty has no reflection on value to the community, your efforts, or your trustworthiness

    Actually i want triforce's score to be removed first.
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  17. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    <p>Then Start a Dispute on both and present evidence and expert testimony then go from there and have Twin Galaxies members give there input and vote accordingly, hopefully both work in your favor of yes on the disputes.</p><p>Good luck and have a great week and God Bless you and your family and friends.</p><p>[QUOTE=Ragequit;bt74403]</p><p>Actually i want triforce&#39;s score to be removed first.</p><p>[/QUOTE]</p>
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  18. D.B. Cooper's Avatar

    The global rules also say that you aren't supposed to alter the game in any way. But even though it says nothing in the rules to allow it, all of the top scores on Asteroids used a speed up hack. The thing about TG is that there's an unwritten rule that says if the gamer was friends with the ref, i.e. Leo Daniels and Tri farce, then you don't necessarily have to follow the global rules. And now folks feel like in order to compete against their scores, in some cases sometimes it's ok for others to also break those global rules. But if it involves leeching then sometimes not. It's all really confusing :)

  19. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Ragequit

    WTF are you guys talking about?!!! The game starts before countdown continue timer reaches zero!! Outworld admits to using a continue himself in the submission!!! STFU

    I didn't vote on this sub, nor do I have interest in MK,

    But I'm confused...a dispute was filed for the other score, TG closed it without removing the score, and that effectively creates a policy. That policy was then practiced here. Am missing something?

    I get that people might be upset with the decision. I also get that many might think TG made the wrong call. I also get that TG probably should have added this policy to the rules one way or another after the last dispute (which can be lobbied for).

    But I guess I'm not understanding the overall issue. There are now multiple asterisks with these top scores which provide context. Anyone wishing to compete can read the various threads and determine if they want to compete in that way or not. There are also other tracks and other tracks can be made. But it doesn't seem like this method is unattainable or provides random points...in other words, it can be consistently practiced.

    I don't like a lot of decisions TG makes, but in this case it seems less like hypocrisy and more like TG admin made a decision and this score passed inline with that decision...

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  20. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    Am going to say this one more time, before leaving this ridiculous argument. In fighting games, it is possible to join in as either player 1 or 2, as many times as you like, without ever continuing. The process is simple:-

    1. Start as player 1
    2. Let the computer kill player 1
    3. Join as player 2, allowing player 1's option to continue run out of time
    4. Either play the game through as player 2, or go to step 5
    5. Let the computer kill player 2
    6. Join as player 1, allowing player 2's option to continue run out of time
    7. Either play the game through as player 1, or go to step 2.

    Doing this ensures that you'll remain on stage 1, with a score of 0, for as long as it takes to achieve whatever shenanigan you have in mind. Doubtless this is what Johnson did, which is why he so confidently crows about not having continued any games. If you think a dispute will remove his score, on the basis of illegal continuation, you are living in La La Land.

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