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10-19-2021 at 03:57 AM
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Just had my credibility lowered on outworld's first MK submission and i just wanna say that this place is really full of ****! Do the global rules not say that continues are not allowed?! Yet this submission was still accepted?!! F**K OFF with this place!! TGSAP is clearly garbage. Just ban me !!! Cuz this is a waste of time. Seriously considering just leaving this place cuz y'all don't even follow your own goddamn rules it's pathetic!!!

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    kernzyp Might pay to take a look at the inactive dispute on second place too while you're there. It's not the first time this issue has been raised.

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    Then there should be a new leader board created for the standard rules, and this submission should count on the original leader board. Two records, dude. Make it so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragequit

    In some street fighter games, even if you continue as player 1 your score will be reset to zero. So you guys are saying that's allowed?!

    Street Fighter 2 and other Capcom games just add 1 point if you continue. There's no other way to score 1 point so scores that don't end in 0 used more than one credit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outworld

    kernzyp Might pay to take a look at the inactive dispute on second place too while you're there. It's not the first time this issue has been raised.

    And this was my point earlier. It has already been raised, debated, and ruled upon by TG admin.

    I'm happy to be corrected by any other members, but the way TG current works when it comes to rules is that the community makes decisions through a combination of voting and cred, this works fine until it doesn't and then a dispute is raised, evidence is presented in the dispute, and then TG chooses to leave the score or remove it (or sometimes make other adjustments). If an issue is raised and discussed in the dispute, then effectively, not removing the score is TG saying this tactic, strategy, or whatever is fine.

    In other words, TG already said they have no issue with the use of the tactic regardless to what you want to call it. Track rules can override global rules, and a TG ruling, whether written or not, serves as a track rule. I can see how this might be confusing to someone new to the site, but as I stated earlier, lobbying TG to add more specific ruling will probably occur if one wanted to do it.

    Is it a perfect system? Definitely not. Does it make for some stupid rulings sometimes? Definitely, though one person's "stupid ruling" can be another person's preference.

    What does all the above mean? It means it doesn't matter whether you call the strategy continuing or not. TG already said the strat was ok. (This is why I asked about the points above and whether they are consistent. If they're not, and that wasn't discussed in the previous dispute, then it could count as "new evidence" and be grounds to reopen the dispute if someone wanted to go that route). I understand how it can all be frustrating, but there are solutions which have been mentioned multiple times in this thread. If you choose to continue to beat your head with a hammer to get rid of your headache, be my guest...I'll reach for some aspirin.

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    Ugh!! Absolute s**t

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragequit

    Ugh!! Absolute s**t

    Which part?

    or is that just in reference to things not being as black and white as you might like?

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    Based on my Street Fighter experience, I figured that it was possible for one player to join a Mortal Kombat game, after another player has been killed by the computer, and start from score zero. This was shown to be wrong. The game gives the joining player at least 120,000 points. Thus, the only way to pull off what I will call "the Reptile shenanigan" is to continue the game of a dead "player 2" (killed by computer).

    Well, that's my contribution. I'm done wasting thoughts on this crappy game. Good luck sorting out the ludicrous mess this scoreboard has become.

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    Not to make light. I know quality matters. But looks at it this way: credibility points at the end of the day are like shrute bucks.

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    I might be recalling incorrectly, but I think player 2 is awarded a bonus incorrectly in Mortal Kombat. I may well be misremembering a glitch in MK that awards player 2 10 million points for something where as it only awards 1 million to player 1?

    That, to me at least, seems to be the only relevance toward playing as player 2 in MK. At least in Capcom fighting games you get a score of 1 for any time you enter into the game past the first credit, so it is very easy to spot someone who has continued.

    With that in mind, I'd say to disqualify all the scores on that game if they take advantage of something that is essentially a glitch in the game. That goes against the general rules, and I bet there is probably some nonsensical rule added post mortem to a track that disallows "excessive" leeching without ever bothering to declare what is or is not leeching in the first place. Subjective nonsense like this has no place in competition. Everyone needs to play by the same rules, which is a legacy problem here. The goalposts (so to say) are in a very different place for me, compared to someone who had a TG ref living with them at the time those were a thing.

    Gotta love fair competition, right?

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    feels loosely relevant

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    Great to see the different approaches on MK credit manipulation. Very interesting. I think I'll stay on the side of clueless bystander. :D

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    The only known way to manipulate the bonus levels for score is by the use of continues, which is what outworld did (and also what triforce claimed to do without continues?? hmmmm)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    feels loosely relevant

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    Mimping's easy if you have the Mitches.

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