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12-04-2018 at 04:57 PM
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RIP Joel West

Just heard the news about Joel West. One of the legends of our craft has passed away today from what I understand. Sad news. Twin Galaxy OG from back in the day. Berzerk will never be the same again.
If you have access to it, play a tribute game of Berzerk with me in memory of Joel West tonight.

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    Rest in peace, Mr. West.

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    Holy moly. I did not know. I just worked with him in October for his induction to the hall of fame. I will miss Joel. One of the good guys.

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    Thank you so much for sharing that. Great information. Yea Joel was def one of the good guys, and will forever remain in the annals of video game history as one of the early pioneers of arcade gaming. What an awesome honor to have, such a great guy.

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