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02-13-2021 at 07:54 PM
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Mt Rushmore of Gaming

Lately Ive been watching the Youtube channel "Summoning Salt", which I'm sure many of you are familiar with. If not, stop what your doing and go check out that channel. This cats video game journalism is probably the best I've seen, amateur or professional. It is very likely the best gaming channel on Youtube as well.

Anyway, watching those videos I was blown away by the abilities of a one 'MichaelG'. Dude is a freaking Rockstar. An NES God. Hands down a good a gamer as any I've ever witnessed. Documentary producers have missed out big time by not covering this guy.
After learning about his many accomplishments I found his YT channel and his history at Twin Galaxies. We are blessed to have this guy in our midst.

I figure a lot of the people here at Twin Galaxies already know this, I'm not telling them anything new... which made me wonder what other amazing gamers are out there I dont yet know about. So I thought I'd ask the community, if you were to name a couple players who deserve to be on 'The Mount Rushmore of Gaming", who are some people you think should be on there and why?

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    Tom Votava - NES God - A natural who always seemed to enjoy every minute of his efforts (from what I've seen and from a couple rando Qs I've asked him online). He really seems to just "get it" and he makes it look easy every time.

    Hector Rodriguez - Speed King / THPS Leader - Fastest fingers around. Track & Field champion. This translates very smoothly into the Pro Skater series which is one of the most fun game series I've ever played, right along with Mario Kart, SMB, F-Zero, and LoZ. Anyway he's a king and he lives among men.

    Don Hayes - DBH is an all-time Classic Arcade Gaming legend, right alongside John McAllister @redelf who is still active but also many others, and I remember the first time I saw Don play ping pong. I was more amazed of his coordination then than when I saw him play in the finals of Replay World Champs in Pittsburgh circa 2016 (I think).

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    Greg Degeneffe : Atari 2600

    The best of all time!!

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    t3 Kamui

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