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02-18-2021 at 06:23 PM
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Bitcoin/BAT Donations/Funding for TG

I know some aspects of this have been brought up before, but I think TG could benefit greatly by having some way to donate to the organization. Maybe just a button on the menu bar or something.

I would strongly urge the powers that be of TG to look into receiving crypto donations particularly, principally Bitcoin and the Basic Attention Token (BAT) from the Brave browser.

Brave is a privacy based web browser that works just as good or better than chrome, firefox, or any other browser, including its plug-in capabilities, but where it really shines is in its privacy software and its business model:
Instead of the company being paid to shill advertisements, they pass the buck onto its users. For every add a website puts on your screen, which you are going to see regardless of what browser you use, you are paid a portion of that ad revenue in the form of BAT, the Brave cryptocurrency 'Basic Attention Token'.
Like most cryptocurrencies BAT can easily be cashed out for US dollars at exchanges such as Coinbase, but another one of its features is that websites can elect to be Brave BAT 'Tip' capable so that users can click on a 'tip' button and donate a number of BAT of their choosing. Twitter is one of the websites that has utilized this function so that Brave users can 'tip' a Twitter user if they like a tweet they put out. If Twin Galaxies so chose, it would even be possible for TG members to receive these tips for our submissions. At the very least I think TG should look into making it so users can use that 'tip' function to donate to TG.
This 'tip' function appears as a little icon beside a creators name, Twitter in this example, which I have included this picture so you can see what that looks like.

I would also advise TG memberstry out the Brave browser if you're using a laptop or PC. The mobile version does not yet pay out BAT ad revenue, though that is likely to change in the future. Ive been using it for over a year and like it better than any other browser ive ever used, even if you dont use its crypto capabilities.

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  1. Jace Hall's Avatar

    As TG continues to improve itself and the community grows, there has been an increasing positive sentiment and desire to contribute expressed from the membership and public.

    Currently, TG has no advertisements, no donation mechanism, no merchandise, etc. All of the ongoing costs of operation are paid for by TG ownership.

    While it is always great to offer free service to people in the spirit of community, fun, and achievement recognition, the fact that the ownership must pay for everything at any given moment certainly creates limitations on how fast and how much improvement can be accomplished.

    I think there are many community members who would like to see more done and a faster pace, and they are willing to contribute to help make that happen if there was some reasonable way to do so.

    I've been thinking about the various ways that this may be accomplished, and of course there are pros/cons to every method.

    After careful evaluation, the most interesting solution I believe may be for TG to create its own Cryptocurrency.

    This would allow people to buy the currency and own it, and eventually its value may increase as TG continues to develop and then makes use of the currency for tournament/contest/event prize money, submission point conversion, TG merchandise purchases, certificates, etc.

    I think that I have enough industry relationships to eventually help facilitate the business deals required for TG currency to be accepted or awarded at other locations, be it websites or physical locations - and eventually get it on the crypto exchanges.

    The money received by TG from the initial currency sale would be directly used to improve the site and meet all the feature requests the community asks for much more quickly.

    In my view this solution may be better than a donation button or putting up ads and etc. Its a way for the community to contribute and not only get a better TG with more resources, but also own something that specifically can go up in value as TG improves along with it.

    Anyway, that's been my current thinking as one possible direction.

    Opinions are welcome. Please express your thoughts.

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    I think that is an absolutely fantastic idea.
    I doubt it would be easy, but it is definitely very, very interesting and forward-thinking.
    Depending on how it was set up I think its success would likely hinge on whether its able to get onto an exchange or not, otherwise people would have to buy their own hardware wallets, and this might be a tough sell for people who are new to crypto. One possible solution to this is for TG members to keep their TG Crypto on-site using something like "Uphold", which is what the Brave browser uses for its holders digital wallets.

    The initial crypto drop would do a lot to help fund TG, and would likely make those initial "investors" a decent return as well.
    As im sure you probably do, I see TG as a long term organization, to be around for at least the next hundred years, and with this in mind it would make PERFECT sense for TG to adopt its own cryptocurrency. From every angle I can imagine it, this is a brilliant idea. The only problem I foresee is its initial ease of implementation, but with the right people this can be overcome.

    EDIT* In the meantime TG could rather easily join Twitter, Reddit, and a number of other high profile websites in becoming a "Brave Verified" website, which would allow people to make a one-time 'Tip' or make recurring monthly contributions to Twin Galaxies. This could be done in a rather short time, and would be supplemental to, rather than interfering with, TG's implementation of its very own Cryptocurrency in the near future.

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    I also want to add, If it were possible for members to 'tip' or donate crypto to other users submissions this could make a HUGE impact. It would give users the ability to be paid for video gaming, much like on Youtube or Twitch, but instead of the host company paying them it would be other gamers, at no cost to TG. This would obviously draw in many more users if something like that was created here.

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