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03-04-2021 at 09:03 PM
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Need someone with Youtube and MAME

Greetings all,

I am trying to view Pat33999's High score on Rampage for MAME.
Unfortunately I know next to nothing about MAME, so I was wondering if someone could possibly take the INP or whatever and record it on their computer and then upload it to Youtube, and then send me the link or post it in this wall feed.
He gave me the links, but I have no way of viewing them, and he said due to his connection it would take hours upon hours to upload to YT.
Here they are if anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it

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  1. redelf's Avatar

    here you go

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    Thank you so much.
    I am very surprised by what I'm seeing, first of all that he's using George, but especially how he blasts through the first 5 cities or so before his health bar drains. His whole style is different than mine and other upper lever gameplay ive seen. Very cool, I wondered if anyone had done something like this given the differences in the characters.

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  3. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I often use the technique of just blowing through at rapid speed so I can get more games in. Ultimately, for me at least, getting past NYC is key. When I was in better practice I could get by both days 1 out of every 4-5 times, then it's pretty smooth sailing for a minute (I forget where the next challenging city is), but it results in upping your score another 300-400k. So basically, flying through the early ones gives you more shots at NYC and increased my chances of getting through. I mostly use the building slowdowns in the mid-game toward the end of a level to give my self a second to up my power bar and think about what's coming with the next level.

    My highest MAME is about 1.2 if I'm remembering correctly.

    As far as using George (or Lizzie). George jumps higher and climbs faster, and Lizzie moves on the ground and through water fastest. But in my experience, you don't have to switch up your play style too much to use any of them with really just depends on your preference. I've managed scores of 800k+ with both George and Lizzie, and am pretty sure the only reason I've gotten over a million with Ralph and not them is because of the number of plays I've given Ralph in comparison. The Sharps I think got into the high 300k/low 400k range and I think both of them liked using George if I remember correctly.

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  4. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I think last time I saw Wheeler play Rampage for a tournament on here, he was hitting scores in the 700-850 range, which seems to be more of his average. I think he is able to get past NYC with more consistency, and George might be the main reason for'd be worth some experimentation.

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  5. RedDawn's Avatar

    There is the strength differences too.
    Ralph is strongest, he only ever needs one punch to make a hole in a building, and with the way I play by waiting to crack or partially collapse a building at the last minute before the demolition man leaves the screen I HAVE to know Im gonna make that hole, with George and Lizzy that doesnt always happen.

    With Mr Wheelers style of play that doesnt even really matter though, he's not stopping buildings from being demo'd or heli farming at all. Quite the opposite, he's letting the demo guy take down tons of buildings.
    With my style I score more than he does on the earlier cities, but he makes up for it by getting through so many.

    I guess RedElf sped up the last 2/3 of the game after Manhattan so he wouldnt have to upload a super long video to YT, but it appears on later levels Mr Wheeler is often taking down very few buildings himself, instead letting the demo guy blow most of them before eating him. The slowest I could reduce the speed to on YT was 0.25, but that was still much faster than normal gameplay so it was hard for me to tell what was going on, but it looked like the harder it got he was often destroying very few buildings, while I am constantly try to stop that from happening.

    I can do OK with Lizzi, I think because she's medium strength while George is the weakest, but not as good as I can do with Ralph. If I remember right in that video you sent me, Mr Stanley, you were basically just demonstrating a few things like the building slowdowns, so yea I havnt really seen your style when actually going for a high score.
    I find it interesting how various the possibilities are though. I wonder if that could withstand higher and higher level gameplay

  6. Blackflag82's Avatar

    In general I hit the first 5-6 levels fairly quickly and then slow it down some and heli farm a little for levels until NYC...sometimes I get stuck on Philly. With NYC I try to just level everything as fast as possible and then slip back into the slower and heli farming after NYC.

    At one point I was point pressing pretty heavily on all the levels to see what was possible and could get to NYC with about 850-900k. Philly and Pitt could cause hiccups on those though and they were long, kinda grinding games...45 min+. I was mainly looking at using that tech for the arcade to try and up my record initially and then worry about NYC later, but haven't had access to a machine since I did that work.

    I think Wheeler takes the classic old school approach of "the longer you live, the more points you get"

    In any case, your recent run, and this talk of Wheeler's scores, and some of the testing I've been doing make me think maybe I should put some work in on it.

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