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03-07-2021 at 10:39 PM
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Top Classic Arcade Games of the TGSAP Era

Recently I was going through the scores of some of the big Arcade games seeing if any unbelievable scores still remained, and was pleasantly surprised by how many #1 spots on the 15 or so biggest Classic Arcade Games were done through TGSAP.

John McAllister and Don Hayes have especially been killing it.

Donkey Kong - #1, 2, 3 and 4 are all TGSAP (Robbie Lakeman 2021)

Donkey Kong Junior - #1 is pre-TGSAP, but #'s 2, 3 and 4 are all TGSAP

Pac Man - Pre-TGSAP

Space Invaders - John Tannahill TGSAP 2017

Ms Pacman - Pre-TGSAP

Asteroids - John McAllister - Tourney & Marathon TGSAP 2018

Galaga - Jordan Dorrington - Tourney and Marathon TGSAP 2020

Centipede - (Tourney - Don Hayes TGSAP 2018) - (Marathon - Pre-TGSAP)

Missile Command - (Tourney Pre-TGSAP) - (Marathon - Vic Sandberg TGSAP 2015)

Defender - Pre-TGSAP

Dig Dug - Don Hayes - Marathon & Tourney - TGSAP 2017

Robotron - (Tourney - John McAllister TGSAP 2017) - (Marathon - Pre-TGSAP)

Frogger - Pre-TGSAP

Joust - (Tourney - Don Hayes TGSAP2016) - (Marathon - John McAllister TGSAP 2018)

Millipede - Donald Hays - Tourney & Marathon both Pre-TGSAP

Some pretty amazing feats in that list. I love how John McAllister has even uploaded some of his older scores to TGSAP so they now have video evidence available to the public.

As you can see there are several open slots in that list, many not broken since the 80s. For example:

Centipede - Marathon (1984)

Robotron - Marathon (1982)

Defender - Marathon (1984)

Even those three tracks have some TGSAP entries, its just none have reached the #1 spot. Some of others listed at the top had many TGSAP entries by a number of people, like Galaga for example.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    centipede i believe used to be held by billy mitchel so score stripped. also marathon allows the frowned up/boring spider hunting.

    robotron used to allow for stitche scores and until recently an insanely high score was listed which discouraged further competition

    i cant speak to defender

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