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03-13-2021 at 12:53 PM
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Arcade Cocktails Viable for Records?

Does anyone know of any Arcade World Record High Scores achieved on a cocktail Arcade table?
In particular, does anyone know of any performed in the TGSAP era? If not, does anyone know of any from Pre-TGSAP era performed on a cocktail?

Ive been on a tear lately looking at arcade games on CraigList and Facebook Marketplace and have seen a couple decently priced cocktails for Galaga and DK Jr, but games like DK Jr in particular, the controls look like they may be kind of awkward compared to the full size upright cabinet version of the game.

This raised another question I have, are there any Arcade Games out there in which the cocktail version has an inherent advantage or disadvantage over their fullsize upright counterparts, however slight? It seems like upright arcade cabinets would have the advantage, being full size joysticks and buttons, more room for button layout which makes for less awkward control configurations, but I cant speak for all games.

Im sure the control configuration on a game like DK Jr could easily be gotten used to, but when it comes to top-level gameplay on something like Donkey Kong, is the difficulty level effected due to the different control layout? Simply a matter of personal preference one would think, but the overwhelmingly majority tend to set records on upright machines. Granted, the fact that cocktails were made in smaller numbers than uprights probably contributes to this trend, but I think if it were somehow easier to maneuver your hands on a DK cocktail machine then we would see more people playing them, but we dont, so the question stands.

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  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    VS Excite Bike was set on a red tent, which is kinda like a cocktail. Not TGSAP, but here's some of the video:

    I think Fly's channel has more. I'm sure there are some others, but this is the first one that comes to mind.

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    If the PCB is the same, I would assume it would be acceptable, but I have less than zero experience with Arcade W/R's, tbh.

    As far as the controls-if the "Arcade machine was built that way", then...


    It seems legit.

  3. Fly's Avatar

    Most of my Track and Field and Hyper Olympic scores are on my cocktail version. My Hyper Sports score was also on my cocktail. Some are TGSAP and some from before.

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  4. Fly's Avatar

    For Track and Field the Cocktail and upright both have +/- to them. I prefer the cocktail because I have more panel under the run button and I can rest my hand there for stability when I do my 7 finger technique, but the monitor is hard to see at that angle for precise jumps/throws. Monitor angle is my favorite feature of the upright, but the speaker placement is another +. I go by sound only on Hammer Throw. Speaker is right at ear level. On the cocktail it's UNDER the control panel. Hard to hear when I need to throw without putting my head all the way down on the panel.


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  5. francoisadt's Avatar

    Regardless if an arcade cabinet is Standard, Mini or cocktail cabinet size.

    It is the PCB inside that counts.

    You can built your coffee table arcade machine based upon cocktail concepts

    with original arcade PCB and normal arcade controls. Controls need not to be

    original as most cannot be bought or not even manufactured but non-auto-fire ect..

    WR will be accepted with custom and cocktail as long as the PCB is original.

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  6. RedDawn's Avatar

    I now realize I worded the title of this post poorly, so let me clear up any confusion:

    I'm not asking if one is allowed to enter scores using a cocktail table, nor am I asking if their are any differences in the coding between upright and cocktail games..... I am inquiring more about the layout of the controls and how they are configured, the differences that exist of that nature.

    Fly gave a perfect example of the type of information I was looking for. I shoulda thought Track & Field would be a game that might be affected by that, with all the crazy ways people play that game, trying to tap the buttons as fast as humanly possible .

    Missile Command is another that is affected by this dynamic. I cant say for sure, but Centipede probably is too.

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  7. redelf's Avatar

    Missile Command had 4 different styles of machine, upright, cabaret, cocktail, and environmental. The only style that would be acceptable in terms of playability for a record would be the upright, all other variants have problems. Screen size or placement being a big part of that and then the controller, having a mini track ball on the cabaret and cocktail would be a negative as you don't have the control needed with the larger ball.

    Many cocktails or cabaret's have smaller screens and much less room for the controls. Most variants of the upright have odd angles and constricted space for playing. Then again some games don't come down to optimum playing conditions as much as pure skill and knowledge of the game. I'd prefer the upright in almost all cases.

  8. francoisadt's Avatar

    I agree in multiple button press games where the layout and distance of buttons relative to one another

    makes a difference in hand / eye coordination, especially in any multiple button movement combination

    shoot games.

    If I may rephrase your question:

    The question is if buttons places closer to another OR re-organization of buttons to optimize movement

    of hands or fingers will provide a competitive advantage?

  9. RedDawn's Avatar

    I know the Missile Command cockpit version has a lip by the trackball that restricts movement slightly more than the upright does, is this the problem you're referring to with the cockpit version @redelf ?

    Ive always wanted to make my own Missile Command cockpit, slightly altering the layout so as to make the controls a bit more ergonomic.

    And yea, as for the Missile Command cocktail and cabaret, these versions had the small trackball, so one would not be able to switch to "Fast Trackball Settings" like they can on the Upright and Cockpit, which have the larger trackball. The cocktail and cabaret are factory set to Fast Trackball settings, but because of the size of the trackballs the cursor doesnt move as quickly as the larger trackballs do on the same setting.

    So there's some pretty significant differences with Missile Command come to think of it.

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