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03-17-2021 at 03:28 PM
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BTC Bounty Announcements & Journey to Galloping Ghost

Well the deadline for my first Bounty operation has come and passed.
I want to congratulate speedy47591 on managing to beat 4 of my scores on Midway Arcade Origins for PS3!

If /when they are all accepted, @speedy47591 please PM me the BTC address you would like your winnings sent to. Be sure and double check the address to make sure it's correct.

I am now in the planning phase of developing another BTC Bounty so be sure to follow my posts so you can keep up on the announcement. This next Bounty will last much longer and involve conquering scores other than my own. These bounties will focus on Arcade tracks but may include a couple for Console as well. Once I have that ready I will be posting it to my wall.

In other news, I have finally acquired a game which I have lusted after for some years now. Today I drove to Chicago and purchased an original Rampage machine. I realized the other day Rampage and I were both born in the same year, in the same state. It's also kinda cool that I bought my Rampage machine from its home city of Chicago, as both of Rampage's creators, Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman, are from the Chicago area and Midway Games, who they produced the game for, was also based out of Chicago. Rampage begins and ends with the monsters destroying cities in my home state of Illinois too. I have connections to this game in several ways, more than I have described here, but this post is already getting too long. Point is its kinda like I was destined to take on this game.... :-D

When I was leaving the place I got the Rampage cab from I GPS'd Galloping Ghost Arcade, a place Ive always wanted to visit, and found they were only about 10 minutes out of my way so I stopped in and gave it a looksie.
If you're not familiar with Galloping Ghost, its the largest arcade in the world by individual dedicated Arcade titles. No redemption games here. It houses many extremely rare games, some even being one-of-a-kind, exclusive to Galloping Ghost.

I didn't really have time to play any games so I was just gonna buy a couple T-shirts, but it turned out they were out of stock both L and XL sizes! They were even out of the hoodies they have advertised on their front door! HaHaha

Well I wanted to support them somehow so I went ahead and payed the $20 admission and went and played 3 or 4 quick games of Missile Command (Sega version). On the way out I happened to see a couple more things behind the counter which I picked up, this Walter Day Trading Card book, and a couple Galloping Ghost stickers. To be honest Im not a huge fan of Walters trading card gimmick, but I thought the book would be kinda cool nonetheless. Its a nicely made hardback, has some interesting info.
Here are some of the pictures I got. High Scores are recorded on an index card on each machine, you may recognize some of the names here ;)

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    Your original post says the deadline is 03/25

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    This Pigskins game by Rampage designers Jeff Nauman and Brian Colin is one of the coolest looking cabinets ive ever seen.

    The famous 'Nibbler' machine!!

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    "Your original post says the deadline is 03/25 "

    Oh dang does it? Hahaha I guess I shoulda double checked. I was thinking the 15th.
    OK well its still on then.

    Damn it. lol

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    Another very cool cab

    Darius triple screen

    weird Taito cab

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