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03-22-2021 at 01:25 PM
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Anyone go to MAGFest 8 in 2010?

Trying to find out more about a score listed at another website.
They have a score of 2,134,750 achieved for Rampage Arcade at MAGFest VIII on Jan, 2nd 2010 which according to Wikipedia took place in Alexandria Virginia.

It says the score was achieved by 'Amilia Claggett' and was verified by witness 'David Hernly'

Does anyone know who either of these people are or anything about the score? Maybe someone has a friend who attended MAGFest 8 who could tell us something more?

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  1. redelf's Avatar

    David is the founder of Aurcade website.

    He's a great guy that has done a lot for the gaming community.

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    @redelf Yea I ended up getting ahold of him on Facebook.
    He was very helpful.

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  3. datagod's Avatar

    David also is the creator of the super cool Starship Horizons

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