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05-04-2021 at 01:55 AM
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Submission Glitch on Vindicators

When I was at Galloping Ghost I saw they had a Vindicators arcade machine, so I checked the TG scoreboard and was surprised to find there were no entries for this classic, so I thought I'd record a few games to submit an inaugural score.

When attempting to submit a score to this track, after selecting 'Arcade' > 'Vindicators' > 'Points-Single Player Only' one would then normally enter their score into separate boxes entitled 'Score/Elapsed Time" and 'Repeat Score/Elapsed Time'.

These two boxes do not exist on this submission form.

If you fill out everything else and upload the video, after its all done uploading you get an error message; "Submission must contain score", or something along those lines.
Basically it's impossible to submit to this track. It's got a glitch.

It actually does read "Score/Elapsed Time" but there is no box underneath it, and the "Repeat Score/Elapsed Time" is completely missing altogether.

@admin staff is this something you could fix?
Please forgive me if this is an inappropriate place to post something like this, I wasnt able to navigate back to that 'Official Glitch Thread' where I mentioned a non-existent game being in the database a few days back.

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  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    This bug is present in several tracks, it has happened to me a few times. What you need to do is post the link of the leaderboard and report it in the "Report Error" thread. Admin staff quickly fixes this most of the times.

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    Context: it's usually as a result of a "translation error" between the different database eras of the scoreboard. This circumstance hints that the track is from the earlier (but not earliest) 2000s. The 2004-~2008 era used five different score entry fields (integer, floating point, time, percentage & another which I forget: boolean?) and the ~2008 revamp tried to squeeze everything into a single Integer field. (There's an era in between that & this too which apparently the data was lost.) This era inherited the what was available & Jace has previously described the old data is left untouched but referenced where necessary. The community therefore aids this era identify the problems in the data of the prior eras.

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