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05-05-2021 at 11:57 AM
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2021 Jonas Neubauer Memorial BTC Bounty

*Posting this again for those who may not have seen it the first time. PLEASE spread word of this to any parties who may be interested.

In honor of the great video gaming legacy left behind by the late Jonas Neubauer, here is a bounty on some of the most insane scores, on some of the most popular and competitive games, by some of the best gamers to ever work a joystick.

Bounty List:

$70 - for beating Victor Sandbergs Missile Command Marathon Setting World Record High Score

$50 - for defeating BOTH of Jordan Dorrington's Galaga World Records (Tourney & Marathon)
$50 - for defeating BOTH of John McAllister's Asteroids World Records (Tourney & Marathon)

$30 for beating Tony Temple's Missile Command Record on Tourney Settings
$30 for getting a faster Perfect Pac-man than David Race's WR time of 3:28:49
$30 for defeating Abdner Ashman's MS Pac Man WR High Score of 933,580

$20 for beating Ben Mullen's World Record of 296 Lines on NES Tetris
$20 for beating the 38 yr old Robotron Marathon World Record of 287,211,050 set by Michael Dullard
$20 for beating Bryan Wagner's World Record High Score of 11,512,500 on BurgerTime
$20 for beating the Defender Marathon Settings WR of 79,976,975 set by Chris Hoffman that has stood since 1984

$10 for defeating the Centipede Marathon Settings WR of 16,389,547 set by Jim Schneider that has stood since 1984
$10 for defeating Don Hayes Joust Tourney Settings WR
$10 for defeating John McCallister's Marathon Setting WR High Score on Joust
$10 for beating Jon Tanahhill's 2017 Space Invaders World Record High Score
$10 for beating Michael Smith's 2012 World Record Frogger Score of 970,440

That's around $400 in total prize earnings across 12 Arcade Games and one NES Game.

All bounties to be paid in Bitcoin. The payout level tier system is completely arbitrary, payout amounts do not necessarily corelate with the difficulty of capturing said bounty.


*Cant beat your own record

*Must be performed on Original Arcade Hardware

*PCB/Dipswitches must be shown for Arcade submissions

*Controller, Console and Game Cartridge must be shown at some point in the video for Console Submissions

*Entries must be submitted no later than Midnight Dec 25th 2021, Central Daylight Time

*All entries must be entered through Twin Galaxies' TGSAP verification system and must be accepted in order to receive winnings.

*Only one payout per track. In the event a WR is beaten by multiple people the payout will be
given to the person with the highest score.

*For the bounties which feature 2 records (Galaga, Asteroids) in the event that multiple people are able to
beat one or both records, in order to receive the payout a player must have the highest score on BOTH tracks, Tourney and Marathon.

*In general, bounties will not begin to be paid until December 26th. However, in the event a bounty is captured and it does not appear there is any relatively immediate active competition on said bounty, I may choose to pay that bounty early, at my own discretion. If this happens the active bounty for that track will be ended prior to Dec 25th upon payment of winnings to said gamer.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    its my understanding the centipede marathon allows leeching -- spider trap, staying on the flealess level, that sort of thing. Is your rule that whatever TGSAP adjudicators is fine, or would you like to explicitly state how you feel about those tactics?

    this isnt just me being a pedantic jerk, i own a centipede and mean to eventually work on the tournament record. I've never practiced the marathon tactics, since their different enough they would create bad habits for tournament play. But i'm considering going for it based on this motivation

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    If the score that is on the board now used that technique, then yes it is allowed.

    It would have to be accepted through TGSAP though, but Im assuming if those other scores used it that it would be.

    Updated 05-05-2021 at 01:29 PM by RedDawn
  3. MegaTech's Avatar

    "$20 for beating Ben Mullen's World Record of 296 Lines on NES Tetris" what happened to this bounty, was it payed out to Myles?

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  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    Nothing happened to it, its still there.

    "In general, bounties will not begin to be paid until December 26th."

    " In the event a WR is beaten by multiple people the payout will be
    given to the person with the highest score. "

    So someone can still come along and beat Myles number of lines and they would then get the bounty, as long as its before Dec 26th.
    Eric Tolt for example submitted a maxout score with a higher number of lines than Myles. If he were to submit that to the 'most lines' track as I expect him to then he will become the front-runner for that bounty. But yes, as of this time Myles is set to get the bounty unless someone else comes along and beats his number of lines.

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  5. MegaTech's Avatar

    Alright. I guess people are just waiting until the deadline to snipe it. The score of 297 that Myles and I submitted might have been good in 2005 but by today's standard it's a bad score. So I expect it to be broken

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