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06-03-2021 at 09:31 AM
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Gamers scores entered twice

Here is a track in which a gamer evidently made a second account in order to post a higher score, beating his previous high score which is listed in the track immediately following his higher score.

It appears Justin Baxter's score of 145k on Cosmic Alien should be deleted, while his score of 502k should remain.
Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken, but thats what appears to be the case.

Is this something that should be posted in the 'Scoreboard Errors-Website Errors- Report them Here' feed? I wasnt sure so figured Id' just post it here for now.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    thats an interesting question. especialy since two people since beat the score so you'd think if nothing else that would've drawn attentoin to it. usually scoreboard errors is more for the track itself, and an actual score issue needs a dispute. the first question is gonna be "how do we know its not two people with the same name", but considering its for the game i dont think we have to worry about that possiblity.

    if theres no better solution in a week i'll try to remember to dispute the lower score.

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  2. Jace Hall's Avatar

    I'm not sure that 2 legitimately verified accounts is a problem.

    From TG's perspective, they are not the same person.

    There is no significant advantage to having multiple legitimately verified accounts - unless they are trying to avoid a BAN and in that case, TG will actively discern if that is the intention.

    Granted, I have not had a chance to think deeply about this, but on the surface if there is actual harm that you discern, please elaborate on what it is?


    Looking closer I see that these are pre-TGSAP scores being discussed. The issue here is that it is unknown if it is the same person and a database double up, OR if there are 2 Justin Baxters that submitter to TG.

    Will have to look into it further if the community feels this is a real problem.

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  3. RedDawn's Avatar

    Both 'Justin Baxters' only have a single TG entry, both for that track, both within a couple year time period, so I'd be willing to bet this is the same person.
    I dont think it was necessarily done maliciously, and two accounts arent necessarily a problem, but taking this concept further one could populate an entire track with their name only.

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  4. RedDawn's Avatar

    For the Justin Baxter entry I would guess it was someone at TG entering one if his submissions with his name in all caps, with the other submission being entered with the correct punctuation as the reason for there being two entries.

    I actually came here to comment because I found another case of a name being listed twice in a row, this time its @Rogerpoco on Barnstorming , but this second one is different in that it appears to be a mistake in the automation of present day TG, failing to take the lower score off the visible record list.

    Link here:

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