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10-09-2021 at 01:16 AM
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The High Flying Heavyweight Champion Gamer

AJ Styles, NWA Heavyweight Champion, WWE Heavyweight Champion, TNA Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Heavyweight Champion, ROH Champion, and quite possibly the greatest Professional Wrestler of our time, is a gamer.

Now its no secret that many pro wrestlers these days are video game fans.
Where once wrestlers left a live event to chug beer, chase women, and get themselves into general debauchery, modern day wrestlers scurry from the wrestling mat to go play Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo, but 'the Phenomenal one' takes it to another level:

As you can see AJ Styles, like many of us here at TG, boasts his own home arcade. His arcade contains such titles as:

1 - a Playchoice 10 featuring 1942, Pro Wrestling (because of course), Contra, Super C, SMB, SMB2, Dr Mario, Punch-Out and Rad Racer that he traded some of his wrestling gear for.

2 - a Neo Geo

3 - a MAME machine

4 - a 60-1 Arcade Cocktail Table

5 - and his favorite arcade game of the bunch, Track and Field.

Better watch out @Fly , I hear this guy is phenomenal ;P

Arcades aren't his only passion, he's a console guy too, seen in the video showing off his N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Panasonic 3D0, Neo Geo CD, PS1, a Sega Saturn and an array of rare games, boxed games and sealed games, for varying systems.

If you were wondering about AJ Styles favorite wrestling game, its Virtual Pro Wrestling.

For more AJ Styles video game related material, here's some more YT videos about his video game hobby:

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    No surprise. Most people on Earth, who own a screen, plays games.
    England goal keeper, David James, admitted he lost a game from playing Tomb Raider the night before the game.
    We've all done that, right? :)

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