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05-17-2018 at 02:43 PM
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Arcade Pole Position and how to get better.

Doing some research into Pole Position and how it scores. Found that the timer in PP is 40 frames per second.

00 01 02 03
14 15 16 17
28 29 20 21 whats going on here, Atari and their bad math
32 33 34 35
46 47 48 49
50 51 52 53
64 65 66 67
78 79 70 71
82 83 84 85
96 97 98 99

You won't see any lap times that end in 04-13 18,19 22-27 and so on.

You advance through the track the fastest when you are in the inside of the track, a couple of seconds slower if you go on the outside of the turns.

195 speed or difficulty and you will travel around the course almost 10 seconds slower.
225 speed or difficulty and you go nearly the same as the 244 max or difficulty speed would go around the course. The turns are more difficult because you will skid more even though the game says you are going at a slower speed. You don't pass as many cars in either of the slower difficulties.

There seems to be a few spots in the game where you travel faster, most notably in the end of the hairpin turn. If you are in 1st gear you will all of a sudden see the track and scenery moving past you much faster for a short time. The engine even goes up a few notches in pitch.

In a cockpit using the brake can gain you around 1-3 tenths of a second at the end of the race by using the brake and shifting into 1st gear just before the end of the race where the computer takes control of your car.

The Namco version boardset has different car patterns and I believe is an easier version of the game. The cars migrate towards the center of the road and allow you to pass them on the inside or outside and if your in a corner going on the inside will net you a faster time.

The optimal time to shift gears is at 115 and a spread of around 5-10 either direction but you will start to loose time as you get closer to either edge of that limit.

You can manipulate the car pattern on the first lap by starting the game in different states of the attract mode. The map of the road will yield one type and if you start the game when the demo mode of racing starts you will get another.

Coming out of the first turn in the game if you touch both sides of the road or yellow strip the cars for the remainder of that lap will be spread out and closer to the edges of the road. So the first corner is to the right, make sure you are touching the yellow strip at some point before it ends and then cross the road in the straight away and touch the left hand side and then your set.

After the first lap of the race you can take the 1st turn at full speed 244 mph and make the turn without loosing any speed. This is a very difficult thing to do and I've only done it once. Only learned that I could do this on my last couple of races that I was able to play before I didn't have access to a machine anymore.

On the qualifying lap you can sit at the start of it for as long as you want to before the timer runs out. So if you sit there for the first 10-20 seconds of the race and then go your lap time will be the same as if you started at the first chance you had. During this wait the cars advance down the track all the way to the first turn where you can't see them. As you start to go down the track you will encounter the first set of cars just as you enter the first turn. While doing this I noticed that I would get different car setups during the actual race and some of them were very different and in some ways much better for the overall time of the 1st lap. More research needs to be put into this as it might make for some real good setups where all the cars are on one side of the track, making for some really fast times.

So far the fastest way that I know of to get through the hairpin turn is to stay on the road as much as possible and not touch the grass. After getting a little bit more than halfway through or just after you pass the sign on the left try to turn the wheel to get back into the center or even better, to the right hand side of the road. You will when done correctly come to the next sign up the road going around 229-233 mph.

Does anyone have anything to add to this list or any suggestions on what to try to get even faster times.

What are some of your fastest qualifying lap times. I've had 2-3 52.35 qualifying lap times.

What are some of your fastest racing lap times. I've had a couple in the range of 52.66 and 52.71
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